Mountain Ranges in Turkey

Mountain Ranges in Turkey

Mountain Ranges in Turkey

Mountain Ranges in Turkey; Türkiye is a country with a diverse geography, and mountain ranges cover a significant portion of its territory. The Taurus Mountains, running parallel to the Mediterranean coast in southern Turkey, are one of the country’s most extensive mountain ranges. The range consists of several sub-ranges, including the Bey Mountains, Bolkar Mountains, and Aladag Mountains. The highest peak of the Taurus range is Mount Erciyes, standing at 3,917 meters.

In the northeast, the Easter Black Sea Mountains, also known as the Karadeniz Alps, are another significant mountain range. These mountains extend parallel to the Black Sea coast and form a natural barrier between the coastal areas and the central Anatolian Plateau. The highest peak in the East Black Sea Mountains is Mount Kaçkar, reaching an elevation of 3,937 meters.

The Anti-Taurus Mountains, located to the east of the Taurus Mountains, run parallel to the Taurus range and are part of the same mountain system. The highest peak in the Anti-Taurus range is Mount Demirkazik, standing at 3,756 meters.

In addition to these major mountain ranges, there are several smaller ranges in Turkey, such as the Ararat Mountains, which are located in the east of the country, and the Uludağ Mountains, situated near the city of Bursa in the northwest. These mountains not only offer stunning natural scenery but also provide opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and mountain climbing.


I. – Mountain range with numbering

II. – River

III. – Lake

IV. – Major city

V. – Fault

VI. – Thrust belt

VII. – Graben

VIII. – Volcano with numbering

Mountain Ranges in Turkey

Numbering of mountain ranges and geological features:

A – Black Sea Mountains (Karadaniz Dağları):

1 Bolu Mountains

2 Ilgaz Mountains

3 Küre Mountains

4 Canik Mountains

5 Giresun Mountains

6 Rize Mountains

Lesser Caucasus (Kafkas Dağları):

7 Karçal Mountains

8 Şavşat Mountains

B – Taurus Mountains (Toros Dağları):

9 Akdaglar Mountains

10 Bey Mountains

11 Yanartaş Mountains

12 Katrancik Mountains

13 Kuyucak Mountains

14 Dedegöl Mountains (Anamas Mountains)

15 Geyik Mountains

16 Yarımadası Mountains

17 Erenler Mountain

18 Eşenler Mountains

19 Oyuklu Mountain

20 Karaman Mountains

21 Bolkar Mountains

22 Mount Taurus Ala Dağlar Mountains

23 Dibek Mountains

24 Binboğa Mountains

25 Berit Mountain

26 Nurhak Mountain

27 Malatya Mountains

28 Maden Mountains

29 Akdağ Mountain

30 Genç Mountains

31 Bitlis Mountains

32 İhtiyarşahap Mountains

33 Yazlıca Mountain

34 Hakkari Mountains

35 Koçkıran Mountain

C – Eastern Anatolian Mountains (Doğu Anadolu Dağları):

36 Yalnizçam Mountains

37 Allahuekber Mountains

38 Mescit Mountains

39 Otlukbeli Mountains

40 Esence Mountains

41 Kargapazarı Mountains

42 Karasu Aras Mountains

43 Karagöl Mountains

44 Körboğa Mountains

45 Serafettin Mountains

46 Oltuk Mountains

47 Akdoğan Mountains

48 Aladağ Mountain

49 Pirreşit Mountains

50 Erek Mountain

D – Anatolian Plateau and Western Turkey Mountains (Anadolu Platotosu ve Batı Türkiye Dağları):

51 Samanlı Mountains

52 Katırlı Mountains

53 Uludağ Mountain

54 Köroğlu Mountains

55 Sündiken Mountains

56 Abdüsselam Mountains

57 Elmadağ Mountain

58 Kervansaray Mountain

59 Armutçuk Mountain

60 Kaz Dağı Mountain

61 Eğriöz Mountains

62 Boz Mountains

63 Aydın Mountains

64 Beşparmak Mountains

65 Madranbaba Mountains

66 Gölgeli Mountain

67 Sandıklı Mountain

68 Karakuş Mountain

69 Sultan Mountains

70 Buzluk Mountain

71 Deveci Mountains

72 Ak Dağlar Mountains

73 Sakabat Mountains

74 Köse Mountains

75 Camlıbel Mountains

Mountain ranges on the intersection of Turkey Highland, Anatolian Plateau and Taurus Mountains (Türkiye’de kesişen sıradağlar, Anadolu Platosu ve Toros Dağları):

76 Munzur (Mercan) Mountains

77 Tecer Mountains

78 Yama Mountain

79 Tahtalı Mountains

Southern Middle Mountains (Orta Güney Dağları):

80 Nur Mountains

81 Kartal Mountain

Balkan Mountains (Balkan Dağları):

82 Gelibolu Yarımadası Mountains

83 Yıldız Mountains

Individual volcanoes (Volkan Dağlar:

1 Hasan Mountain

2 Keçiboydaran Mountain

3 Melendiz Mountain

4 Erdas Mountain

5 Hodul Mountain

6 Erciyes Mountain

7 Karadağ Mountain

8 Karacadağ Mountain

9 Gökdelen Mountain

10 Nemrut Mountain

11 Süphan Mountain

12 Esrük Mountain

13 Tendurek Mountain

14 Ararat Mountain (Agri)

15 Yağlıca Mountain

16 Dumanlı Mountain – Tarhandagi Mountain

17 Kısırdağı Mountain

18 Akbaba Mountain

19 Kel Dağı Mountain / Ziyaret Mountain

20 Ilgar Mountain / Uglar Mountain

21 Alem Mountain

Anatolian Faults and thrusts (Türkiye Fay Hatları):

NAFZ North Anatolian Fault Zone

EAFZ East Anatolian Fault Zone

BSZ Bitlis Suture Zone

DSFZ Dead Sea Fault Zone

CATB Central Anatolia Thrust Belt

EFZ Ecemiş Fault Zone

ESFZ Ezinepazar – Sungurlu Fault Zone

TGF Tuz Gölü Fault Zone

KF Kıyılırmak Fault

MF Malatya Fault Zone

OF Ovacık Fault Zone

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