The Climber’s Manifesto | UIAA

The Climber's Manifesto | UIAA

The Climber’s Manifesto | UIAA

The Climber’s Manifesto is a statement of principles developed by the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA). The manifesto is intended to promote safe and responsible climbing practices, and to ensure that climbers respect the natural environment and the communities that they visit.

The manifesto consists of 10 principles, which include a commitment to environmental responsibility, respect for local communities, and a dedication to safety and proper training. It also emphasizes the importance of preserving the natural beauty and wilderness of climbing areas, and encourages climbers to take a proactive role in promoting sustainable practices and protecting endangered species.

In addition to the principles outlined in the manifesto, the UIAA provides resources and training programs for climbers and mountaineers to help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to climb safely and responsibly. These include courses in avalanche safety, wilderness first aid, and rock climbing techniques, as well as programs to promote responsible tourism and community development in mountain regions around the world.

Overall, the Climber’s Manifesto represents a commitment to ethical and sustainable climbing practices, and serves as a reminder that climbers have a responsibility to respect and protect the natural world that they enjoy.

1. I will keep in the mind the need to protect the mountain environment.

2. I will aspire to leave no trace fon the rock face or mountain side when I climb. On bolted climbs I will respect the rock and minimize my impact, adhering to local agreements, ethics and values.

3.  I will always carry out what I bring in.

4. I will respect the culture and way of life of the residents of the mountains and valleys I visit,

5. I will act responsibly within the culture of the society and the laws of the countries I visit.

6. I will climb cleanly, embrace fair play and abide by any and all anti-doping rules that relate to me and to my sport.

7. I will help others in need wherever practical, even if it means not reaching a summit or achieving my personal goals.

8. I will use certified climbing equipment and climb within my technical abilities.

9. I will respect other climbers | meet on the mountain, share my technical climbing knowledge, and regard their point of view.

10. I will climb with consideration for other climbers.

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