Sarıkaya Rock Climbing Zone

Sarıkaya Rock Climbing Zone

Sarıkaya Rock Climbing Zone

Sarıkaya rock climbing zone is located in Sarıkaya Neighborhood, within the provincial borders of Manisa.

Where is Sarıkaya?

Sarıkaya Rock Climbing Area is located in Karakoca Village in Yunusemre District of Manisa Province.( It is 12 km from the center of Manisa. )  Please click to see Sarıkaya Rock Climbing Area on the Map.

Is there a route to Sarikaya Rock Climbing Area?

Yes the is a route this Ares. Sarıkaya rock climbing garden has routes opened by the most important rock climbers of our country. There are 7 sectors and over 100 routes in Sarıkaya climbing garden. Routes range from 5 to 10 degrees and are available on conventional routes.  You can follow the route in the link to go to this area.

What’s on in Sarikaya

It’s a place with routes on several levels that must be seen and climbed. It is a wonderful area where you can look at Spil Mountain from the side. Sarıkaya itself creates an incredible view, the views on the road are wonderful, you witness incredible views accompanied by the cool wind. There is no camping area in Sarıkaya.

In Which Months Can Climbing Be Done?

It is possible to climb comfortably from March to the end of November. It may not be preferred due to the cold weather in winter. We can say that it is one of the most ideal rock climbing gardens for climbing comfortably and coolly in the shade in summer.

Photos of Sarıkaya

Click for beautiful views.

What is the climate of Sarıkaya?

The climate of the neighborhood is within the influence of the Mediterranean climate. The economy of the region is based on agriculture.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Manisa Zone this site.

How did the village of Karakoca get its name?

Where the name of the neighborhood comes from, there was a man in the 1400s and this man was a brunette, he lived in this location, got married and his wife called him my black husband because he was brunette, so the name of the neighborhood comes from here.

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