Karakaya Rock Climbing Zone

Karakaya Rock Climbing Zone

Karakaya Rock Climbing Zone

Karakaya Rock Climbing Zone is a lush green area in the middle of the plains at a point close to Eskişehir. It takes its name from the fact that it is right next to the Karakaya village. The rock is granite type and the continuity of the crack lines, the general strength of the rock and the unique beautiful form of the granite offer a good climb. You can see good photos of Karakaya from Googla Photos

Where is the Karakaya Rock Climbing Zone?

Karakaya is a neighborhood in the Sivrihisar district of Eskişehir province. 79 km from Eskişehir, 30 km from Sivrihisar. The region has easy access to the rocks by road. You can see Karakaya Rock Clibing Zone from Google Maps

What is Karakaya Climate?

The climate of Karakayalar is within the continental climate effect area. (Continental climate or continental climate is a climate seen in places far from the influence of the sea. Winters are cold and snowy, while summers are generally hot and dry.)

About Karakaya

It is a climbing garden where many institutions and mountaineering clubs provide search and rescue climbing training. It is very suitable for camping. The rocks are quite mysterious and different. Good for cleanliness. Untouched wilderness area.

It is a great place for rock climbing, but also a place where you can take great pictures.

It is one of the best climbing gardens you can find in Turkey. Rock granite does not cut hands. There are many routes available. Ideal for mountaineers.

If you have a caravan or tent, you can camp, hike and rock climb here.

Also, being close to Ankara is an advantage. If you are in Ankara, it is a must-see place. Only 165 km.

You may also want to learn about Turkey’s highest mountain, Mount Ararat. Please click on the link to read more about majestic Mount Ararat.

Another route in Eskişehir : Bozdag Climbing

The route, which starts from the skirts of Bozdağ (917 m) 2.50 km north of Muttalip village, follows the ridge lines and reaches the summit of Boz Tepe (1423 m) after 4 km. At the summit are the Television Transmitting Station and high towers. For the break, secluded plains that do not get wind under the summit are used. From here it is returned with the same route. Transportation to the route: Departure: Muttalip – Metropolitan Municipality Buses or Yıldız Minibuses Return: Muttalip – Metropolitan Municipality Buses or Yıldız Minibuses Note: If you are told to go and Yıldız Minibuses, they can take you to the Bozdağ skirts at the beginning of the route and pick you up on the way back. References: – Eskişehir Governorship.(2014). Eskisehir Guide (5th Edition)

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