Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace

Ishak Pasha Palace is a building belonging to the 18th century. The palace, which was started to be built in 1685, was completed in 99 years and was completed in 1874. The Palace is the world’s first building with a central heating system.

Where is Ishak Pasha Palace?

Ishak Pasha Palace is located in Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı province in Turkey. The palace is on rocky land on a steep hill near Mount Ararat, 5 km from Doğubayazıt. The building, also known as the palace, actually is a castle.

The palace is an important architectural work of the 18th-century Ottoman Tulip Era. The palace’s construction began in 1685 in the name of Çolak Abdi Pasha, one of the beys of the Bayezid Sanjak. The structure of the palace took 99 years. The palace, which was completed in 1874, was named Ishak Pasha Palace, as the flag lord was Ishak Pasha at that time.

Ishak Pasha Palace is one of the essential architectural works of its period. Ahıska artisans completed the construction of the palace. The palace was actively used until the First World War. This Palace was built on  ​​approximately 7 thousand 600 square meters. The palace has 116 rooms, tombs, mosques, divans, harems, soup kitchens, butlers rooms, entertainment places, various service rooms, wards, and inner and outer courtyards.

This Palace is significant in art, history, and architecture. This is because the palace contains plenty of ornaments and motifs and has many traces describing its period.

How to Go to Ishak Pasha Palace?

If you prefer the airline, There are daily flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Ağrı. You can come to the region with the airports in Ağrı, Iğdır, and Kars. Then you come to the center of Ağrı and take the buses here to the Doğubayazıt district, which is 93 kilometers away from the city center. You can reach Doğubayazıt with a journey that takes about 45 minutes. Then, to go to the palace, which is 5 kilometers away from Doğubayazıt district, transportation is provided by minibus or taxi departing from the district center.

The Story of The Palace

I. Murat took Abdi Pasha, famous for his courage, to the Iran Campaign. Abdi Pasha lost his right arm during the Iran Campaign and was nicknamed “Çolak”. Later, a palace was wanted to be built in the name of Abdi Pasha. However, it took many years to complete the palace. When the artisans finished building the palace, Ishak Pasha replaced Abdi Pasha, so the palace’s name remained Ishak Pasha Palace.

Ishak Pasha Palace Built During Which Sultan?

Ishak Pasha Palace is a building belonging to the 18th century. It is also one of the works of the Tulip Era period of the Ottoman Empire. The palace, which was started to be built in 1685, was completed in 99 years and was completed in 1874. Ishak Pasha and Çolak Abdi Pasha built the palace during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid I.

The World’s First Palace with Heating System

Ishak Pasha Palace is the world’s first building with a central heating system. As a result of the research carried out in the building, it is thought that the Turkish bath system inspired the heating system. The gaps between the stone walls in the palace show that a central heating system was used. Thanks to this heating system, the water heated in one part of the palace passed to other parts with the help of pipes, thereby heating the palace.

Why Doesn’t Ishak Pasha Palace See Mount Ararat?

According to the legend, Ishak Pasha hated the size and power of Mount Ararat. Ishak Pasha believed there was nothing more significant than himself in the city of Ağrı. For this reason, Ishak Pasha built the building so that Mount Ararat could not be seen from any palace’s window.

Ishak Pasha Palace Belongs To Which State?

Today, This Palace belongs to the Republic of Turkey. From the construction of the Ishak Pasha Palace to the 20th century, it belonged to the Ottoman Empire. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the palace remained within the borders of the Republic of Turkey.

What are the Features of Ishak Pasha Palace?

  • Palace is the largest palace built after Topkapi Palace during the Ottoman Empire period. The palace is also the last architectural structure of the Tulip Era of the Ottoman Empire.
  • The most substantial part of the palace that has survived to the present day is the mosque. There are many motifs and embroidery on the walls of the palace.
  • There are embroidery and motifs such as flowers and geometric patterns on the palace walls. Unlike the usual, Palace, although an Ottoman architectural work, also contains a lot of human figures.
  • The palace was built in Turkish architectural character and Seljuk architectural style. In addition, the effects of the European Baroque style can be seen.
  • It was built with the most modern and advanced understanding of its time in general terms and predominantly carries the characteristics of Turkish culture.
  • Ishak Pasha Palace is the first architectural structure to use a central heating system.
  • The photograph of Palace is on the back of the Turkish Lira banknotes worth 100 TL.
  • According to the legend, the dungeons of the palace, consisting of six rooms, were designed according to the direction of sunlight; Those who were thrown into the dungeon were placed in sections with more or less light, depending on the gravity of the crime they committed.
  • It is rumored that the white stones in the palace were brought from the surrounding villages and the black rocks from Mount Ararat.
  • Ishak Pasha Palace is one of the rare chateau-type structures in Anatolia.

The Golden Gate of Ishak Pasha Palace

One of the most magnificent and striking elements of the Palace was its gold-plated door made of solid steel. This solid gold door, located in the crown door at the entrance, greeted the visitors with all its splendor. However, while the region was under Russian occupation from 1877-1878, Russian soldiers withdrew in 1917 and took the door to Moscow along with many other valuables in the palace. The golden gate of the Palace is still exhibited in the Moscow Museum today.

Legends About Ishak Pasha Palace Passed From Generation To Generation

Palace has been the subject of many legends with its location far from Istanbul, the center of the Ottoman Empire, and its fairy-tale style. Some of these are:

Was Ishak Pasha sent into exile by angering the Sultan?

The exile of Ishak Pasha shortly after the end of the palace brought along many rumors. According to the most famous of these rumors, when the Iranian ambassador, who was the guest of Ishak Pasha, went to Topkapi Palace, he told the Sultan that this palace was more magnificent. As a result, Ishak Pasha is also dismissed from his post.

According to another legend, Ishak Pasha used some of the taxes he had to send to Istanbul to complete the palace when the Ottomans were struggling with economic problems; When this situation was understood, he was sent into exile.

Was Milk Flowing From the Fountain of Palace?

Another rumor is that milk flows from the fountain on the right of the first courtyard of this Pasha Palace. In many sources about the palace, it is written that water flows from one of the two taps of the fountain, and milk flows from the other. According to legend, the milk milked by the villagers around the palace was brought here through canals and poured from the fountain to benefit the inhabitants.

Yaşar Kemal’s Legend of Mount Ararat

One of the world-famous masterpieces of Yaşar Kemal, an influential figure in Turkish literature, is a part of the “Legend of Mount Ararat” in this Palace.

Is There a Fee to Visit This Palace?

There is an entrance fee to Palace. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey determines the entrance fee. The entrance fee is 20 Turkish Liras for 2022.

On Which Days Is Palace Open to Visitors?

Palace is open to visitors between 09.30 and 19.00 every day except Mondays. On Mondays, it is open to visitors between 13.00 and 17.00.

(Due to some exceptional circumstances, the opening and closing hours of the palace may be changed by the Governorship of Ağrı.)

You can follow the current weather conditions for Mount Ararat on this website.

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