Kaynaklar Rock Climbing Zone

Kaynaklar Rock Climbing Zone

Kaynaklar Rock Climbing Zone

Kaynaklar Rock Climbing Zone, It is one of the most popular rock climbing areas in Turkey. There are many routes in this region, which is located in Kaynaklar village of Buca, İzmir and where rock climbing has been performed since the beginning of the 2000s.

Features of Kaynaklar Rock Climbing Area

The length of the routes with different degrees of difficulty in the rock climbing region, which was opened with the great contributions of the climbers, varies between 10 and 30 meters.

Can Climbing Be Done at All Levels in Kaynaklar?

It is a region that appeals to many climbers with its different route options (crack, negative, positive, long, short, etc.).

Where to Camp in Kaynaklar?

Kaynaklar , Campground, where you can do rock climbing, is located in Kaynaklar Village of Buca.

Where is the Kaynaklar Rock Climbing Zone ?

You can easily reach Kaynaklar Village by minibus or bus from the center of Izmir Province Buca District. There are no facilities in the camping area, which is a 15-minute walk from the village. You can get all your needs from Kaynaklar village. The camping area, where you will be fascinated by its nature, is close to water sources and has suitable conditions. The campground is a favorite of mountaineers due to its ease of transportation, clean and safe roads.

Which routes are in the Kaynaklar ?

It is possible to walk to the summit of Mount Nif from the Kaynaklar. It ends at the fire tower at the summit.

Kaynaklar-Gürlek-Gökdere Canyon

Kaynaklar Rock Climbing Festival

It is held in April every year. It is a beautiful festival with a wonderful camp atmosphere, climbers from all over Turkey, music and concert. You can meet all your food and beverage needs at affordable prices from the village, which is a 15-minute walk away.

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Photos of Kaynaklar Rock Climbing Zone

Kaynaklar location on the map

You can follow the current weather conditions for Kaynaklar Rpck Climbing Zone this site.

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