Ballıkayalar Rock Climbing Zone

Ballıkayalar Rock Climbing Zone

Ballıkayalar Rock Climbing Zone

Ballıkayalar Rock Climbing Zone is located in Gebze District of Kocaeli Province. It is one of the first rock climbing places in Turkey. Mountaineering clubs and search and rescue teams have been doing rock climbing here since the 1970s. The name Ballıkayalar is due to the fact that there were beehives in this region in the past. But nowadays there are no beehives.

Where Is the Ballıkayalar ?

Ballıkayalar Nature Park is located on the border of Tavşanlı Village of Gebze, Kocaeli.
This is 67km 1 hour 20 minutes from Istanbul Beşiktaş,
It is 10 km 15 minutes away from Gebze and 50 km 45 minutes away from Izmit.

If you are going to Gebze by train from Istanbul, you can take the high-speed train from Pendik and get off after 1 stop. If you are coming by bus, you can get off at the Gebze bus station and take the minibuses passing through Tavşanlı Village. Or you can take the Tepecik – Gebze bus, which passes through Tavşanlı Village. You can also take a taxi from Gebze center as it is a close distance.

Ballıkayalar Nature Park Location 

You can look at the map to reach Ballıkayalar region. Please click to view.

Photos of Ballıkayalar 

Rock climbing area, waterfalls, lakes, hiking trails, what more. Please click to view.

What is the difficulty level of Ballıkayalar rock climbing?

You do not need to have any previous experience to do rock climbing. But it’s not something you can do alone. You have to do it with an instructor. There are many climbing routes opened with different difficulty levels. Your instructor will guide you according to your level.

What’s in the Ballıkayalar ?

Ballıkayalar Valley is 1.5 kilometers long and 40-80 meters wide, in which Ballıkayalar Nature Park is located, whose natural beauty has been protected by the efforts of the Metropolitan Municipality, which has been declared a “Nature Park and Natural Protected Area” in Tavşanlı Village of Gebze. Ballıkayalar Valley, where mountaineers descend and climb, is a karstic gorge with its geomorphological forms developed as a result of the melting of limestones. There are lakes, waterfalls and observation terraces on the travertines reaching Ballıkaya Stream in the valley. There are walking areas on the east and west ridges of the canyon, where there are flats suitable for setting up tents for camping.

Turkey’s First Rock Climbing Garden

Ballıkayalar Nature Park, with its natural structure, is a frequent destination for nature athletes and photographers with activities such as trekking, canyoning, rock climbing and camping. Being Turkey’s first rock climbing garden, the area has more than 100 climbing routes with different difficulty levels. Ballıkayalar is a cultural heritage for mountaineering and rock climbing history. The “Ballı School” was born in the mountaineering culture with its traditional and sport climbing routes, and the first and only climbing region became a school and became known with its own style. Another important feature of the region is that many of the athletes who have left their mark on my mountaineering and sport climbing history in thirty years come from the “Ballı” school.

Things to Do in Ballıkayalar Canyon

Ballıkayalar Canyon is one of the remarkable nature parks of Turkey with its nature. It is also a place to go for picnic, nature photography and hiking while rock climbing. There are lakes and waterfalls in the canyon. There are great spots in the vicinity for those who are considering picnic or camping by the water. Great photos can be taken on the travertines with viewing terraces on them.

Ballıkayalar Hiking Trail Route

A wonderful hiking and camping route within the borders of Kocaeli with its climbing gardens, ponds and waterfalls: Ballıkayalar Nature Park. The course has medium difficulty. For this reason, participation will be open to the age of 15 and above. Click for route

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