Mount Suphan

Mount Süphan

Mount Suphan

Mount Suphan is Turkey’s third highest mountain. Suphan Mountain, with an altitude of 4058 meters, is a stratovolcanic mountain located just north of Lake Van in the Adilcevaz district of Bitlis province in Turkiye.

Where is Mount Suphan?

Mount Suphan is within the borders of the Adilcevaz district. Suphan Mount is located north of Lake Van, between Adilcevaz, Erciş, and Patnos. Mount Suphan; is the third highest mountain in Turkey, at 4058 meters, after Great Ararat (5137 m) and Cilo Mountain (Uludoruk-4135 m). The mount, a volcanic formation, ranks second among the volcanic mountains in Turkey in terms of height. The mountain, with a total height of 4058 meters, is frequently preferred for summer and winter climbing. The best time for climbing is June, July, August, and September. Other times it requires advanced mountaineering knowledge and equipment for the ascent.

How to Go to Mount Suphan?

Mount Suphan is a mountain located within the borders of Adilcevaz, the district of Bitlis. Mount Suphan, the third largest and one of the most prominent mountains in Turkey, is frequently preferred by visitors with its amazing view and view of Lake Van. Those who will come from outside the city must first come to Bitlis and then reach inside the Adilcevaz district. After reaching this area, visitors who come with their vehicle can easily find the mountain mentioned by following the signs, first to Aydınlar Town and then to Kışkıllı village.

What are the Features This Mount

Mount Suphan is an extinguished volcanic mountain. It is not known precisely when it last activated. However, the examinations suggest that the last eruption on the mountain occurred in 8000 BC. Its highest point is Sandık Tepe peak. From this summit, the height of the mountain has been calculated as 4058 meters. At its peak, there is a lava mound caldera with an average diameter of 1000 meters remaining from its active periods. Besides, there are large and small glacial lakes on the summit. One of them is said to be very deep. Agriculture developed in the fertile soils of the volcanic plains around the mountain.

The summit of the mountain is covered with a covered glacier. When viewed from the front, the covered glaciers create an incredible sight. At its peak is the historical Kırklar Cemetery. Here are the graves of forty martyrs. It is an essential area for climbers.

Mount Suphan is a volcanic mountain that made the surrounding lands fertile. There are volcanic plains in some parts that are not very high. These fertile lands are used for agriculture. There are also many water sources on the mountain. These resources meet the water needs of the surrounding settlements. Water coming from the mountain goes to Adilcevaz, Ahlat, Malazgirt, and Patnos districts. One of the streams flowing from here feeds Aygır Lake.

How Many Meters is The Height of Mount Suphan?

Its highest point is Sandık Tepe peak. From this summit, the height of the mountain has been calculated as 4058 meters.

When is the Climb to Mount Suphan?

Usually, climbers prefer summer for climbing Mount Suphan. However, experienced climbers can try the summit any day of the year. According to the weather conditions and ground structure, some mountaineers conquer many peaks in the winter months.

Mount Suphan Mountain Ski Tours

Mountain skiing is done on Mount Suphan in winter with experienced guides. You can also do mountain skiing activities accompanied by the magnificent snow structure and the pleasure of the scenery.

What to do on this mount?

Mount Suphan is a suitable area for nature sports and is frequently preferred. You can do many sports, such as mountaineering, touring, skiing, nature and mountain hiking, camping, offroad, and paragliding. This place is frequently preferred, especially for mountain climbing. The period from the end of June to the middle of July, August, and September is suitable for climbing. However, those who want to climb in winter conditions may prefer the region from the beginning of March to the beginning of December.

Climbing is carried out mainly on the eastern side and partly on the mountain’s south side. The east side is more suitable for climbing. Those who climb to the top usually start the climb from the village of Kiskilli in Aydınlar Town. A camp is set up in Şekerpınarı, At Plateau or Suphan Plateau, which are 6-7 kilometers from here. The plateaus are located at an altitude of 2500 meters. The climb and then the return is completed in 8-10 hours in total. In some cases, this period can be up to 12 hours.

While climbing the mountain, many water sources, large and small craters, and glacial lakes are encountered. Lake Van is seen from the top of the mountain and creates a gorgeous view.

Legend of Mount Suphan

The Legend of Mount Suphan is told with the love of two lovers. Two young people named Siyabent and Hace are madly in love with each other, and their desire is to get married. However, since their families are against it, these two lovers decide to run away. They meet at night at the foot of Mount Suphan. They begin to climb to the summit of Mount Suphan.

On the climb, lovers have to rest because they are tired. While the lovers resting on the cliff of Mount uphan are resting, Siyabent places his head on Hace’s knees. After a while, Siyabent falls asleep from exhaustion. At that moment, a herd of deer approaches them. The male deer, the herd leader, stops the herd as soon as he sees the two lovers. The stag does this so as not to disturb them.

The tears in Hace’s eyes, who witnessed all this, fall on Siyabent’s face. Siyabent gets up, asks why he is crying and sees the deer. Siyabent says to her lover, ‘I will find the deer that makes you cry and rip out its lungs and bring it to you.

After a while, he comes to his lover with a deer on his shoulder. He takes action to lay the deer down and rip out its lungs with his knife. The deer dodges and kicks desperately. Siyabent falls off the cliff at that time. Seeing this, her lover Hace can’t stand it, and she jumps off the cliff. What makes the legend different is that in the place where the two lovers fell, two roses bloom every year just after the snow melts. As its name indicates, this event is a myth. It is not very possible to make any comments about the truth.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Mount Süphan on this site.

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