Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Zone

Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Zone

Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Zone

Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Zone is located in Antalya province of Turkey. It is one of the few rock climbing regions in the world. Rock climbing is possible throughout the year. It is a favorite area of Turkish and foreign climbers. Its excellent nature and proximity to the city have made the region more advantageous.

Where is Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Area?

Geyikbayiri is a village surrounded by mountains, with steep roads leading to the plateaus, offering mountain and city views together, while offering a magical ambiance with its greenery and stream.

When viewed from the city center, it is located among the mountains rising in the west direction. Geyikbayiri is 30 km from Antalya city center and 40 km from Antalya International Airport.

How to Get to Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Area?

Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Area consists of rock bands located around the main road 1.5 km before Geyikbayiri village.

It offers a great transportation advantage to climbers and visitors with its proximity to the city center, variety of logistics opportunities, prevalence of car rental and buses. The fact that there is no need for a special vehicle to reach Geyikbayiri and that it can be easily reached from the city center by all kinds of vehicles (car, motor, scooter, bicycle, etc.) provides an additional advantage for the accessibility of this place.

In addition, buses come to this area from the bus station and the city center. You can reach the bus number 600 from the airport, take the bus number 521 from the bus station, come to Çağlarca Village and come to the climbing area by hitchhiking or by walking 4-5 km from here, or you can come to Geyikbayiri Village by bus number 516 directly from the bus station. However, it is useful to know that bus 516 only makes a few trips a day.

Where to Camp in Geyikbayiri?

Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Zone hosts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year and offers many opportunities for its visitors to stay. There are many camping establishments located in the middle of the climbing sectors and rental houses in the village.

You can rent a bunk bed and stay in a tent, bungalow or dormitory, you can stay with your friends in rental houses or have a nice caravan holiday in the caravan you rent. In addition to these, if you come with your own tent, you can set up your tent in various landscapes, if you come with your caravan, you can park your caravan, meet your electricity needs from the camps, and meet your needs in the shared kitchen and shared shower-toilet. You can also dine at the priority restaurants or ask the climbers if there is food service at your campsite.

How was Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Area Discovered?

Although Geyikbayiri was known much earlier, it was started by a group of climbers who came just before 2000, by making amateur climbs on the routes opened. Over time, along with the number of routes in the region, the number of experienced and experienced route openers increased, while climbing developed at the same time.
Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Industries

The main reason why Geyikbayiri has been one of the most popular regions of Europe in the last 10-15 years is the route quality and the continuous route maintenance and controls. Local route openers and volunteers here make updates on the route in order to meet the needs of the routes in the region and to ensure safety where necessary.
There are currently 1500 routes and more than 20 sectors in Geyikbayiri. These routes and sectors, which can be preferred in different seasons and weather conditions, also make a difference in the variety of difficulty levels.

The guidebook, which includes the routes and sectors in the region and is updated every 2-3 years, is prepared with the efforts of Öztürk Kayıkçı, who has contributed greatly to the climbing in the region since the discovery of the region, and other climbers in the region. We recommend that you get this guide to reach the most up-to-date versions of these routes and sectors and to reach accurate and complete information. No guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of the information in different sources. In addition, when you buy the guide, you make a significant contribution to the route opening and route maintenance service in the region. You can get the guide from any campground in the region.

Features of Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Area

Geyikbayiri climbing region offers a wide variety of routes and climbing opportunities, as well as the high number of routes in it. Within the same area, you can climb giant stalactites, climb the opposite slopes of cave ceilings, or do balance climbs on the surface.
In addition to these, you can go to different climbing areas with a car trip of 10 to 45 minutes from Geyikbayiri.

At the same time, you can relax around the river in the area and explore the diversity of vegetation while walking the hiking trails.

Can Climbing Be Done at All Levels in Geyikbayır?

In Geyikbayiri, you can climb from 4 degrees to 8c difficulty. In other words, it is possible to find many routes from beginner to advanced.

How to Do Rock Climbing in Geyikbayiri?

When you decide to come to Geyikbayiri, there is no special procedure or permit you need to follow. You can freely visit this place.

You can benefit from the guides available here, apply to instructors to start new, experience climbing, and improve your climbing with technical support, or if you consider yourself competent, you can use your time more efficiently by getting guidance.

In which season to go to Geyikbayiri?

Geyikbayiri is most productive between October and May. However, it is possible to stay and climb in Geyikbayiri for 4 seasons.

Can I Take a Rock Climbing Training/Course in Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Area?

Climbing is a risky sport. When these risks cannot be controlled, they become dangerous. When you do a sport that you have not experienced before or you do not have enough experience, it becomes difficult to prevent these risks. For this reason, in Geyikbayiri, it is possible to find and seek help from respectful trainers and guides who will make you climb safely, choose the right and safe equipment, set up safe systems on routes suitable for you.

Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Zone Rock Climbing Training Fee

There are people who provide guidance services at various levels of knowledge in Geyikbayiri. Therefore, it is possible to encounter various prices. Our advice is to make sure that the person you will receive service from is an instructor, to check that this instructor is at least trained and certified by the Turkish Mountaineering Federation, for the safety of your climb and to get value for money.

Rock Climbing Equipment Necessary Equipment

Rock climbing is a sport with various branches. First of all, you need to research which branch you are going to do well, and acquire the appropriate equipment for that branch and use it correctly. Wrong choice of equipment or misuse of equipment can have fatal consequences. Before acquiring equipment, you need to do a great deal of research or seek help from a professional.

In general, belt, helmet carabiner, express, strap, rope, rock climbing shoes, magnesium powder / dust bag and brush are used in rock climbing.

Camping tools

Apart from the camping equipment you bring yourself, you can rent tents, beds, covers / blankets, pillows.

In addition, all camps offer a common area, 24-hour shower and toilet facilities, and a shared kitchen. While there is no separate charge for these facilities, they are included in your stay.

There are also campgrounds that offer laundry service for those who are considering a long-term stay.

Antalya Rock Climbing Guide

Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Guide is included in Antalya Rock Climbing Guide. And besides Geyikbayiri, it also contains information about the climbing routes in Çitdibi and Olympos regions.

It is possible for everyone to read the guide, which aims to keep itself updated and understandable by examining the guides around the world. Apart from route information, it contains a lot of information from ethical values in the region, transportation information, accommodation opportunities in the region, and information on common animal and plant species.

Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Routes

Geyikbayiri has long and wide rock bands rising above giant caves. This feature allows us to encounter a wide variety of surfaces here. While you can do surface climbing after giant caves, you may find yourself climbing on a flat surface and rodeo on giant stalactites. From giant handles to small handles, you can climb routes with many handles.

In general, there are many routes with an average of 20 m to 50 m. Therefore, check the suitability of the equipment you choose for the routes you want to climb in the guide book.

Things to Consider in Geyikbayiri Climbing Routes

Geyikbayiri Boulder Routes

Geyikbayiri mostly provides rope climbing opportunity. Although there are a few multi-rope routes in the region, the majority of the routes in the region are sports routes. Although there are boulder opportunities in the region, there is no source yet where these boulder routes are published.

Geyikbayiri Walking Routes

Geyikbayiri is the beginning of the Lycian walking path on the Antalya side. From here, the path connects to Hisarçandır.

In addition, there are other hiking routes in the region. One of the easiest, popular and, in our opinion, enjoyable one of these is the footpath to Trebenna Ancient City.
It is also possible to climb the Geyik Sivrisi Mountain, which can be seen from all parts of Geyikbayiri and admired every time you look at it, on foot. Even if you have advanced climbing knowledge on this majestic mountain, it may be good for you to seek help from professionals in the area. Because even the easiest, classic route is more dangerous than it looks.

Antalya Rock Climbing Routes

Besides being a mountainous region, Antalya is home to many of Turkey’s best route openers who know their job well. For this reason, there are other climbing areas in Antalya besides Geyikbayiri. While you can do sports climbing in areas such as Çitdibi, Olympos, Çıralı and Beycik, you can also climb traditional-style routes on Sivri Mountain. You can also find information about these regions from local climbers or guides.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Geyikbayiri Rock Climbing Zone this site.

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