Mount Dedegol

Mount Dedegol

Mount Dedegol

Mount Dedegol has a special place for mountaineers.

Dedegol Mountain attracts the attention of tourists coming to the region with its vegetation, glacial geography and natural beauties. The mountain is also a region frequently visited by those interested in mountaineering and nature sports.

Dedegol Mountain is the highest peak of the Central Taurus Mountains. On the top of the mountain, there is snow for five months of the year.

Where is Dedegol Mountain?

Dedegol Mountain is located in Isparta province of Turkey. The mountain is on the border of Yenişarbademli district in the east of Isparta.

Things to do near Dedegol Mountain

Dedegol Mountain has many natural beauties around it. The most well-known ones are Melikler Plateau, Pınargözü Cave, Zindan Cave and Karagöl.

Mount Dedegol Melikler Plateau

Melikler Plateau is located at the foot of Dedegol Mountain. It is 15 km away from Yenişarbademli district. The plateau is suitable for camping. In fact, the Dedegol Mountaineering Festival is held in this area. While you are on Melikler Plateau, you can hike to Pınargözü Cave, hike to Yaka Canyon, and climb Dedegol Mountain, which are nearby.

Pınargözü Cave

Pınargözü Cave is located in Çaydere Forests. Very strong water flows inside the cave. There are ponds of different sizes, waterfalls, dripstone pools in the cave. Pınargözü Cave is the largest cave in Turkey. It is considered to be the largest cave in Europe.

Dungeon Cave

Zindan Cave is located in Aksu district of Isparta. The cave is 765 meters long and is fully illuminated inside. There are mythological mosaics and animal motifs at the entrance of the cave.

Mount Dedegol Karagol

Karagöl is a glacial lake. It is located on the east-facing slope of Dedegol Mountain.

When to go to Melikler Plateau?

Melikler Plateau has different activities at certain times of the year. For this reason, crowded groups of visitors visit the plateau. Regardless of these events, June – September are the most requested times for visitors. It is not preferred because the winter months are harsh due to climatic conditions.

What is the altitude of Dedegol Mountain?

Dedegol Mountain is the summit of the Central Taurus Mountains. The altitude of the summit is 2998 meters. It is the highest mountain of Isparta province.

Endemic plant species found in Dedegol Mountain

Dedegol Mountain hosts many living things in its ecosystem. It has a high plant population especially around Pınargözü Cave. Some of these are endemic species endemic to the region. Plant species named “Sempervivum ispartae” and “Silene ispartensis” are only found on Dedegol Mountain in the world.

Mount Dedegol Climbing

Dedegol Mountain has many routes for climbing. The classic climbing route is located on the southwest side of the mountain. The climb is not technically very challenging. You can reach the top of the mountain with a long daily hike. The distance of the camping area to the summit is about 10 km by walking. The walking time is on average 4 hours ascent and 4 hours descent. Of course, it may vary according to the teams and seasonal conditions.

Things to consider while climbing

It is necessary to be ready for the heat, especially during the summer climbs. People who will climb the mountain should pay attention to their fluid intake. Because there is no water source on the route after the camp. If the climb is to be completed as a long day hike, the use of a pole is recommended. If the climb will take place in the winter period, you should have technical equipment such as a helmet, pickaxe and crampons with you.

Mount Dedegol Camping

The most suitable point of Dedegol Mountain for camping is Melikler Plateau. You can camp comfortably thanks to the drinking water sources and plains you will find in Melikler Plateau.

How to go to Dedegol Mountain

If you prefer the airline; You can come to Isparta with Isparta Süleyman Demirel Airport (ISE). Afterwards, you can reach the center of Isparta via the shuttles. You can come to Eğirdir from Isparta city center. Then, you can get off in front of the Governor’s Fountain by using the Yenişarbademli minibuses, and after walking 2-3 km at the crossroads, you can arrive at Melikler Plateau. Then you can reach the summit of Dedegol Mountain by hiking.
If you prefer the highway; You can easily reach Isparta city by bus and then follow the same route to reach Dedegol Mountain.

Mount Dedegol Mountaineering Festival

Dedegol Mountain Mountaineering Festival is organized every year in Isparta by Eğirdir Tourism and Nature Sports Association ETUDOSD. The event, which is held in Melikler Plateau, is held every year with hundreds of participants from different places. This event, which has become a tradition, contributes to the development of mountaineering sports. Mountaineers participating in the festival do camping and mountain climbing in Melikler Plateau.

Legend of Dedegol Mountain

Every majestic and beautiful mountain in Turkey has its own legend. Dedegöl Mountain also has a legend told by the people. According to the legend;

There were three saints living in Khorasan. The name of one of these saints is Hüseyin Dede, the other is Musa Dede, and the name of the other is unknown. These saints moved with their families from Khorasan to the place where Yaka village is. Every day, the awliya would go to the grave of their teacher, who is on the top of the mountain, to perform the morning prayer.

One day, Hüseyin Dede left the house again and decided to go to the top of the mountain to pray. Huseyin Dede was flying to the top of the mountain because he was a saint. He went secretly so that no one would see it. That’s why Hüseyin Dede’s wife was suspicious of her husband’s disappearance every day and had the maid follow her husband. When Hussein Dede came to the point where he came to fly, he saw the maid behind him and called him:

“Maid, why did you come here?” he asked. The maid also:

“I woke up early today and went for a walk.” says.

Evliya touches the tree with his magic wand without seeing the servant. A lot of pears suddenly appear on the tree. When the maid sees the pears, she immediately starts eating the pears. While the maid is eating the pears, Dede Huseyin flies with his magic wand to the tomb of his teacher at the top of the mountain. He prays at his teacher’s grave and returns home.

Hüseyin Dede’s wife asks the maid about Hüseyin Dede. Servant:

“It disappeared while I was eating a pear.” says.

The woman, who is very suspicious of her husband’s situation, strictly warns the maid and says:

“Tomorrow morning, do not be deceived by Hüseyin Dede, find out exactly where he went.” says.

The next day, Hüseyin Dede sets off to the same place again in the morning. The maid follows him. Hüseyin Dede looks behind him and sees the maid behind him. He calls the maid right next to him and asks him to close his eyes. The maid closes her eyes and together with Hüseyin Dede they fly to the top of the mountain, pray and return. Hüseyin Dede asks the maid not to tell these secrets to anyone. But the maid tells the events to Huseyin Dede’s wife as they happened. Hüseyin Dede will not be able to fly on it again.
This mountain is called Dedegöl Mountain, because the saints are called “dede” among the people and because the tomb of the saint, who is at the top of the mountain, is by the lake. In the continuation of the legend; One day, Hüseyin Dede threw his magic wand from the summit of this mountain. The place where the magic wand fell is considered sacred today. The place where the stick fell is used as a cemetery in Yaka village today. At the same time, there are the tombs of Musa Dede and Hüseyin Dede here. These tombs are visited by the public.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Mount Dedegol this site.

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