Mount Davraz

Mount Davraz

Mount Davraz

Mount Davraz is the peak of the Taurus Mountains in Turkey in the city of Isparta. Davraz Mountain is a mountain that draws attention with its natural beauties and unspoiled structure. At the same time, Davraz Mountain is an area frequently visited by nature athletes such as mountaineering, skiing and paragliding.

Where is Davraz Mountain?

Davraz Mountain is located in Isparta province of Turkey. Davraz Mountain is located 25 kilometers from Eğirdir district of Isparta. Çobanisa Village is the closest settlement to Davraz Mountain. The distance of Davraz Mountain to Çobanisa Village is 8 kilometers. The province of Isparta is located in the north of the Mediterranean region. Davraz Mountain is the extension of the Taurus mountain range in the region in Isparta.

How can I go to Davraz Mountain?

Davraz Mountain contains a ski center. Thanks to ski tourism, the number of visitors to Davraz Mountain is quite high. For this reason, transportation to Davraz Mountain has also become easier over time. Those who want to go to Davraz Mountain can use both the airway and the highway. There are two alternative options for those who want to use the airline to reach the region. Visitors who prefer the airline can use Isparta Airport or Antalya Airport. Since the airport in Antalya is larger, visitors can find a plane to the region approximately every hour. Afterwards, visitors to the airport can reach Isparta city center by shuttles. They can go to Davraz Mountain by using a bus or taxi from the city center.
Visitors who prefer the highway to reach the region; They can come to Isparta city center by bus. Then they can reach Davraz Mountain by using a similar route.
Davraz Mountain has the advantage of easy transportation. For this reason, it has become a frequent destination for tourists from Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Middle East countries, as well as domestic tourists in the region.

How High Is Davraz Mountain?

The height of Davraz Mountain is 2637 meters.

Mount Davraz Ski Center

Davraz Mountain is also famous for Davraz Ski Center. Davraz Ski Center gives its visitors the chance to ski with the view of Lake Eğirdir. Davraz Ski Center is one of the most preferred areas by skiers with its high snow quality and natural texture. Davraz Ski Center has different tracks for both professionals and amateurs. There are 8-10 kilometers of ski tracks in the ski center. The altitude of the ski areas is between 1650 meters and 2344 meters. There are 12 tracks in total in the Ski Center. The total length of the 12 tracks in Davraz Ski Center is 23,500 meters. In addition, there is no danger of avalanche and disappearance in Davraz Ski Center. This is one of the reasons why Davraz Ski Center is highly preferred. The slopes at Davraz Ski Center offer the opportunity to ski touring, ski touring and snowboard for all amateur or professional skiers.

When does the ski season open in Davraz Mountain?

The ski season in Davraz Mountain starts on 20 December every year. The ski season on Davraz Mountain continues until the middle of March.

Is there an entrance fee to Davraz Mountain?

Entry to Davraz Mountain is free. You can use the facilities on Davraz Mountain for a certain fee.

Mount Davraz Climbing

Davraz Mountain is also one of the most preferred spots for mountaineers. Because mountaineers who come to Davraz Mountain can perform different sports activities on the mountain besides climbing. When Davraz Mountain is examined in terms of climbing conditions, it can be considered an easy track except for the winter months. In winter, it can create an avalanche hazard due to snow on the mountain. Apart from that, it can be said that it is an enjoyable track to climb. There are three tracks that are frequently used to climb Davraz Mountain. These routes are; Western Route, Northern Route, and Eastern Route.

Mount Davraz Western Route

Those who want to climb Davraz Mountain via the western route; They climb the mountain over the road on the Isparta-Antalya highway. The Western Route starts above Sav Town on the road. Those who use the western route pass through Sav Town to reach the water sources. As you climb Davraz Mountain, water resources decrease. For this reason, Sav Town is an important point for mountaineers. Since the western route is an easy route, it can also be climbed daily in summer. Climbing in the summer months can be completed without the use of technical equipment. During the winter months, pickaxes and crampons may be required.

Northern Route

Those who want to climb Davraz Mountain via the northern route; It starts from Davraz Ski Center. Those who use this route first go to Kıryayla from Davraz Ski Center. Then they reach Masa Hill, which dominates Kıryayla. They ascend to Capricorn from Table Hill. Finally, they arrive at Ulparçukuru Hill, where the peak is located from Capricorn. The Northern Route creates a more dangerous track than other routes. Cornices formed especially in winter months facilitate avalanche fall. For this reason, it is considered inconvenient to use the northern route while climbing Davraz Mountain.

Eastern Route

Those who want to climb Davraz Mountain via the eastern route; they start climbing again from Davraz Ski Center. Climbers reach the Great Geven Area when they climb east from the Ski Center in the north. Mountaineers who reach the Great Geven Area can reach the peaks of Küçük Davraz and Büyük Davraz, respectively. It is safer to use the eastern route when climbing Davraz Mountain compared to other routes. The eastern route does not pose great dangers like other routes, especially in winter. However, the eastern route is not preferred much because it has a longer track than other routes.

Alternative Sports on Davraz Mountain

Davraz Mountain is a frequent destination for athletes engaged in skiing and mountaineering. However, recently, areas have been created for other nature sports. The practice of alternative sports on Davraz Mountain has also increased tourism. In Davraz Mountain, activities such as football, mountaineering, mountain biking, trekking, paragliding, jeep safari can be carried out in the summer for camping and tourism purposes. Davraz Mountain has recently been preferred as a camp center by professional and amateur football clubs in Turkey. Apart from these sports types, Davraz Mountain has become one of the most preferred areas for paragliding. In the city of Isparta, there are suitable areas for paragliding in the form of Single and Tandem flights. Air athletes coming to different parts of Isparta from the surrounding cities for paragliding purposes are increasing day by day. Paragliding is done from the eastern runways at 1,800 meters on Davraz Mountain. It is possible to reach the paragliding runway areas by vehicle. At the same time, Single and Tandem flights are made on Davraz Mountain. Take-off and landing areas for tandem flights; Davraz Mountain Ski House is located in Kul Plain on the east side.

Mount Davraz Legend

There are many magnificent and large mountains in Turkey. The people living in this region have made legends over time that the mountains are so magnificent and big. Davraz Mountain also has a legend told by the people of the region. According to the legend; Once upon a time, there was a land called “Gülistan”. This land also had a ruler named “Gulsultan”. This ruler had a beautiful daughter with apple cheeks, cherry lips, pink rose skin and au eyes. This girl was born among the fields of pink roses and grew up in these fields of roses. Over time, the young girl grew up in rose gardens and smelled like roses herself. All nature fell in love with this girl. Because of this beautiful girl, neighboring rulers and mountains fought each other for years. One of these mountains, the mountain named Davraz, threw flames into the sky one day. Then they fought with other mountains for years. Later, the mountains came to a decision. They said: “Let’s hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. Let’s make a wide mountain ring. Let’s fertile the plain in the middle of this ring. Let’s decorate the southern part of the plain with vineyards, gardens and rose fields. Let’s put our beloved lover there as well. With Yağız Karatepe as a guard on his head. Let’s plant Efe Sidre hill. Let’s watch its beauty from afar.” The mountains reconciled and, as they say, united and formed a ring. Then they made a wide plain in the middle of the mountains. The beautiful girl who does not belong to anyone is stuck in the middle of the mountains, on the plain. The beautiful girl who remained in the plain turned into the city of Isparta in time. This city has existed in peace and tranquility throughout history, in safety, without enemy invasion.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Mount Davraz this site.

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