Mount Aydos

Mount Aydos

Mount Aydos

Mount Aydos as there are three mountains in Turkey known. One is Aydos Mountain, which is a hill in Istanbul, the other is Aydos Mountain in Çankırı, and the other is Aydos Mountain in Konya. You can find information about Aydos Mountain in Konya in our article. Aydos Mountain in Konya is the highest mountain compared to the other three mountains with the same name.

Aydos Mountain is one of the peaks of the Bolkar Mountains, one of the Central Taurus mountain ranges. Aydos Mountain is the second highest peak of Bolkar Mountains after Medetsiz Mountain.

In which province is Mount Aydos located?

There are three mountains named Aydos Mountain in Turkey. Aydos Mountain, mentioned in our article, is located in Konya, Turkey.

Where is Aydos Mountain?

Aydos Mountain is located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. Aydos Mountain is located within the borders of Halkapınar district of Konya province. Aydos Mountain is located 20 kilometers west of the Bolkar Mountains.

How can we go to Aydos Mountain?

If you prefer the airline to go to Aydos Mountain; You can come to Konya by using Konya Airport. Then you can reach Konya city center by shuttles. You can reach the Halkapınar district of Konya by buses from the city center. After reaching Halkapınar, you can reach Aydos Mountain by following the mountain climbing route.

What is the altitude of Aydos Mountain?

Aydos Mountain has a height of 3430 meters. Aydos Mountain is the 15th highest mountain in Turkey.

Is Aydos Mountain a Volcanic Mountain?

Aydos Mountain is a volcanic mass. But it is not an active volcanic mountain.

Mount Aydos Mountaineering

Aydos Mountain is among the few mountains in Turkey with an altitude of over 3000 meters. For this reason, it is one of the mountains preferred by mountaineers. Aydos Mountain has two classical climbing routes. The first route used to climb Mount Aydos extends to 3150 meters and follows the tractor road. The other route used to climb the mountain is the route that goes around the north side of Aydos Mountain. The second route follows the classical route after winding the mountain in the north direction. The route advancing from the north is also called the ‘Erdak Club’ route.

Aydos Mountain is not open to the use of different routes and techniques due to its rock structure and topography. Climbing the mountain from the base to the top takes 4 hours. Climbing and descending takes an average of 8 hours. Aydos Mountain is generally used as a preparatory climb before climbing higher and more difficult mountains. Because Aydos Mountain is an unspoiled and isolated mountain, but it is a winding and difficult mountain to climb.

Aydos Mountain has harsh winter conditions. The northern route, in particular, can expose it to more intense winter conditions. For this reason, climbing Aydos Mountain in May and June may be more suitable for mountaineers. Aydos Mountain offers a similar route for those who have climbed Medetsiz Mountain before. Erciyes Mountain, Hasan Mountain, Aladağlar, Demirkazık Mountain and Medetsiz Mountain can be seen from the summit of Aydos Mountain.

Camp in Aydos Mountain

For those who want to camp on Mount Aydos, there are many camping areas on the mountain. Kırkpınar Plateau is one of them. Kırkpınar Plateau is the most used camping area by mountaineers who come to Aydos Mountain. Kırkpınar Plateau is located at an altitude of 2100 meters from Aydos Mountain. Although Kırkpınar Plateau is on a high area, it is a green area. In addition, there is no water problem in the Kırkpınar Plateau camping area.

Things to Do near Mount Aydos

When you come to see Aydos Mountain, you can find different natural beauties and historical textures in the region. When you come to Aydos Mountain, you can visit the Bolkar Mountains and the Ivriz Rock Monument, which are located near the mountain.

Bolkar Mountains

The Bolkar Mountains are home to many endemic plants and animals and are an area with abundant biodiversity. At the same time, the Bolkar Mountains are like a painting with their lakes and springs. With these features, it is one of the unique areas in Turkey.

Ivriz Rock Monument:

Ivriz Rock Monument is an Iron Age archaeological site located in Halkapınar district of Konya. There are rock reliefs and cult monuments belonging to the Late Hittite period in this site. BC monument. It is thought to date from the 8th century. It is also the first written agricultural monument in history. Ivriz Rock Monument is a structure worth seeing.

Mount Aydos Festival

Aydos Festival started to be organized by Ereğli Mountaineering Club in 2010. Every year in June, mountaineers who want to climb Aydos Mountain gather in Ereğli. They climb Aydos Mountain together with a two-day camping and climbing program. The event, which has not been held for two years due to the pandemic, was held for the tenth time in 2022.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Mount Aydos this site.

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