Mount Berit

Mount Berit

Mount Berit

Mount Berit is known for its cold weather and scenery. In fact, the mountain is called “Siberia of the Mediterranean” due to its cold weather and snowy structure. Berit Mountain has a wide variety of living things thanks to the rock types in its structure, plant species and habitats.

Berit Mountains are part of the Taurus Mountains. There are layers belonging to the Paleozoic Age in the structure of the mountain. There are ice troughs from the ice age on the slopes facing the north of the mountain and on the parts facing the summit. There is also a crater lake on Berit Mountain that produces sulfur gas. Berit Mountain attracts the attention of its visitors with these small lakes from the glacial period. The mountain fascinates those who see it with its oxygen-rich air and its unique view extending to Çukurova.

Where is Berit Mountain?

Berit Mountain is located in the Göksun district of Kahramanmaraş province in Turkey. Berit Mountain is located between the Engizek and Binboğa mountains.

How can I go to Berit Mountain?

You can use the airway and road to go to Berit Mountain. There is an airport in the city center of Kahramanmaraş. However, domestic flights are more. For this reason, it will be easier for you to choose connecting flights from major cities in Turkey to come to Kahramanmaraş. After arriving in Kahramanmaraş, you can reach Göksun district via shuttles and buses. Then you can rent a car and go to Kınıkkozu Village. From here, you can create the climbing route and reach the mountain.
If you want to come to the region by road, you can reach the city center with the buses coming to Kahramanmaraş bus station. Then you can reach Göksun district by bus again. Then, when you reach Kınıkkozu Village, you can start climbing.

What is the Height of Berit Mountain?

Berit Mountain is another mountain with an altitude of over 3000 meters. The height of Berit Mountain is 3027 meters. Berit Mountain is also the highest point of Kahramanmaraş city with its height.

What does Berit mean?

The name Berit means “People” in Ottoman Turkish. In Turkish, it means “the one who is superior in beauty and maturity”.

Mount Berit Climbing

Berit Mountain is a point visited by mountaineers in every period. Because Berit Mountain creates a different image in every period with its view. Mountaineers come to Berit Mountain mostly in the winter period. It even takes place in Turkey and around the world during winter climbing. At the same time, climbing on Berit Mountain in winter is for professional mountaineers. Because the height of the mountain and harsh winter conditions make it difficult to climb the mountain.

Climbing Berit Mountain takes about 7 hours in winter. While climbing the mountain; It is necessary to pay attention to the avalanche danger in winter. It will be safer for climbers to choose routes with low slopes when climbing the mountain against avalanche danger.

Different routes can be used to climb Mount Berit. The most commonly used routes are north and south. When using the northern route to climb Berit Mountain, the road from Kınıkkoz Village is used. When the southern route is used, the road from Ericek Village is used. Since the southern route is very snowy in winter, it is generally used for climbing in summer.

Mount Berit Camp

Berit Mountain is an extension of the Taurus Mountains. Berit Mountain is one of the accommodation points for those who want to do mountaineering and camping in the region.

Berit Mountain is preferred by mountaineers who want to do winter climbing, especially in winter. In a part of Berit Mountain, glaciers and snow masses remain permanently. For this reason, it is possible to come across small ponds in places on Berit Mountain, where glaciers and snow masses remain permanently.

Those who prefer Mount Berit for climbing prefer to camp in the region to complete their preparations before climbing. Berit Mountain does not have any facilities or campsites to meet the needs of campers. However, camping is made in the parts of the mountain with the water’s edge. Kınıkkoz Village, located near Berit Mountain, partially meets the needs of campers. But it is not enough. Therefore, those who come to Mount Berit to camp should come prepared to the region.

Endemic Species Found in Berit Mountain

Berit Mountain contains many plants with limited distribution both in Turkey and in the world. Three kinds of endemic plants are known in Berit Mountain. These; Achillea armenorum, Aethionema papillosum and Heracleum marashicum. In addition to these plant species, Berit Mountain also contains endangered and narrowly distributed animal species. These animals; Eirenis barani, Muschampia proteides, Polyommatus poseidon.

Attractions near Mount Berit

Kahramanmaraş city, where Berit Mountain is located, has both historical texture and natural beauties. Kahramanmaraş Archeology Museum, Traditional Maraş Mansions, Kahramanmaraş Castle, Gümüşkaya Cave, Yeşilgöz Cavern, Döngel Caverns, Zeytun Spa, Direkli Cave, Bulut Hole Cave, Savruk Cave, Çokran Blue Lake Waterfall, Toprakhisar Canyon are some of these beauties. Those who come to visit Berit Mountain should definitely visit these structures.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Mount Berit on this site.

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