Mount Kizlar Sivrisi (Akdag)

Mount Kizlar Sivrisi (Akdag)

Mount Kizlar Sivrisi (Akdag)

Mount Kizlar Sivrisi (Akdag) is the highest point of the Beydaglari, one of the Western Taurus mountain ranges in western Turkey. Kizlar Sivrisi is located in the mountain range in the western part of the Taurus mountain range, which is parallel to the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey. The name of this mountain range is Beydağları. The highest point of Beydağları is Kizlar Sivrisi.

Where is the Mount Kizlar Sivrisi?

Kizlar Sivrisi is a mountain peak in Turkey. Kizlar Sivrisi is located within the provincial borders of Antalya city.

How to go to Kizlar Sivrisi?

You can choose the airline or the highway to go to Kizlar Sivrisi. Kizlar Sivrisi is within the borders of Antalya. Since the city of Antalya is a touristic city, transportation is very easy. If you prefer the airline; With Antalya Airport, you can reach the city at any time of the day. Then you can go to the city center with the shuttles. You can take the buses that go to the Elmalı district of Antalya from the city center and proceed in the direction of Kizlar Sivrisi. After reaching Elmalı, you have to rent a car or take a taxi to Büyüksöğle village. After reaching the village, you can reach the chalet of Todosk, which is at an altitude of 1950 meters, by walking on the path.

If you prefer the highway to go to Kizlar Sivrisi; You can still access very easily. You can reach Antalya by bus services organized every day to Antalya City Bus Station. Then you can reach Elmalı district by buses departing from the bus station. After reaching Elmalı district, you can reach Kizlar Sivrisi with the same route.

When to go to Kizlar Sivrisi?

Since Kizlar Sivrisi is in a relatively warmer region than other high-altitude mountains, it is possible to visit the region in all seasons. However, it will be useful to have technical equipment when going in winter.

Kizlar Sivrisi Altitude

Kizlar Sivrisi is the highest point of the Western Taurus mountain range and Beydaglari. The altitude of Kizlar Sivrisi is 3086 meters.

Mount Kizlar Sivrisi Climbing

Mountaineers prefer mountains with less height before climbing to mountains such as Hasan Mountain, Ağrı Mountain, Kaçkar Mountain, which are located at high altitudes. Kizlar Sivrisi is one of the most preferred mountains in this regard. Because of its ease of climbing, suitable climate conditions in summer and winter, and convenience in terms of transportation, Kizlar Sivrisi is highly preferred by climbers.

Kizlar Sivrisi is a suitable mountain for mountaineers to measure their fitness. Before climbing the high-altitude mountain, those who climb Kız Sivrisi both get the chance to test their fitness and also have the chance to measure the body’s response to altitude.
Basic mountaineering knowledge is sufficient to climb the Kizlar Sivrisi. Kizlar Sivrisi may think that it does not have a very high peak compared to other peaks. However, as it starts from the sea level while climbing the Kizlar Sivrisi, reaching the summit can be challenging for those who climb.

There are many convenient routes to go to Kizlar Sivrisi. The most frequently used route to reach the summit is the route from the east of the mountain. It is also possible to use different routes other than this route. The most beautiful route used apart from the classical route is the Avlan Lake route. There is Cedar Research Forest near Avlan Lake. If you want to reach Kizlar Sivrisi with the Avlan Lake route, you can walk 10 kilometers through the forest. There are many natural beauties, numerous plateaus and camping areas on this 10-kilometer road. Those who want to camp can camp on this road. There is no water problem on this route. However, the distances between the water sources are not very close. For this reason, everyone who will climb the mountain, considering all possibilities, should have 2 liters of water. By following this road, you can reach the slopes of Kizlar Sivrisi. If you choose this route while climbing the Kizlar Sivrisi; When you go without any vehicle, an average of 3 days will be enough for you. Avlan Lake is at an average altitude of 1000 meters. The walk we will take to Kizlar Sivrisi at 3086 meters takes about 25 kilometers.

The Legend of Kizlar Sivrisi

Almost every mountain in Turkey has its own legend. The peoples of the region living around the mountains have brought the legends from language to word. There is also a legend of Kizlar Sivrisi. According to the legend; The children of two hostile kings fell in love with each other. The children wanted to get married after the king told their father about the situation. Of course, both kings did not like this situation at all and opposed it. However, the prince and princess ignored this decision and decided to run away. Thereupon, the princess went to the Kizlar Sivrisi and began to wait for the prince. The prince, on the other hand, went up another hill by confusing the road. When they saw each other from the opposite hills, the prince set out to go to the princess again. The princess is on her way to the prince. However, two unfortunate young people froze to death while trying to reunite with each other. The story of the young people whose love was left unfinished is still remembered with the Kizlar Sivrisi.

Attractions Near Kizlar Sivrisi

Since Kizlar Sivrisi is located in the Elmalı district of Antalya, it has many attractions in Antalya close to it. Considering only Elmalı district, there are many places to visit. We have listed them below for you.

Historical Elmalı Houses

Historical Elmalı Houses are located in Tahtamescit District. Historical Elmalı Houses have a history of approximately 500 years. The houses, decorations and architecture attract attention.

Semahöyük Ancient City

Semahöyük Ancient City is one of the oldest settlements in Antalya after Beldibi and Karain ancient cities. Semahöyük Ancient City is located 5 km from Elmalı.
According to archaeological studies, Semahöyük Ancient City is thought to belong to the early Bronze Age.

Gilevgi Castle

Gilevgi Castle is one of the oldest castles in Antalya. Gilevgi Castle is located in the Çobanisa Village of Elmalı. Gilevgi Castle, The castle, which is surrounded by walls, is supported by rectangular towers.

Broken Minaret

Kesik Minaret is located in Elmalı city center. The Kesik Minaret is one of the Seljuk architectural works.

Karaburun Tumulus and Kizilbey Tomb

Karaburun Tumulus and Kızılbey Tomb are thought to date from the 5th century BC. There is a triangular-roofed burial chamber in the Karaburun Tumulus. The Kızılbey tomb, on the other hand, has the appearance of a room formed by limestone blocks.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Mount Kizlar Sivrisi this site.

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