Mount Medetsiz

Mount Medetsiz

Mount Medetsiz

Mount Medetsiz is a peak between the Taurus Mountains in the south of Turkey, parallel to the Mediterranean Sea. Medetsiz Mountain is located in the Bolkar Mountains in the Central Taurus mountain range. Bolkar Mountains are the highest part of the Central Taurus Mountains. Medetsiz Mountain, on the other hand, is the summit of the northern part of the Bolkar Mountains.

Medetsiz Mountain is a popular peak for mountaineering. The mountain is frequently preferred by those who are interested in nature sports.

Where is Mount Medetsiz?

Medetsiz Mountain is located between the Turkish cities of Niğde and Mersin. The border of Ulukışla district of Niğde and Çamlıyayla district of Mersin passes through the peaks of Medetsiz Mountain. The summit of the mountain is exactly within the borders of Çamlıyayla district. The distance of Medetsiz Mountain to the Mediterranean is 65 km as a bird flight.

How to Get to Medetsiz Mountain?

The first transportation point to go to Medetsiz Mountain is Ulukışla district of Niğde province. If you prefer the airline to reach the region, you can come to the city via Erkilet Airport in Niğde. Then you can reach the city center with the shuttles at the airport. You can reach Ulukışla from the city center by bus or by renting a car. Afterwards, you can drive from Ulukışla towards Pozantı by road to reach the mountain. Afterwards, you can take the turn in the direction of Darboğaz Village from the Pozantı road. Finally, you can go to Meydan Plateau from Darboğaz Village. You can reach Medetsiz Mountain by climbing the Meydan Plateau.

If you prefer the highway to reach Medetsiz Mountain; If you are going to use the Niğde route, you can reach the city of Niğde by buses. Then you can reach the mountain with a similar route.

Mount Medetsiz Altitude

The height of Medetsiz Mountain is 3524 meters. It is the 35th highest mountain in Turkey.

Vegetation of Mount Medetsiz

Medetsiz Mountain is under the influence of the Central Anatolian continental climate. It has harsh weather conditions originating from the continental climate. Especially the northern slopes of the mountain show the effect of the climate. For this reason, juniper, hawthorn and larch trees are seen on the northern slopes of Medetsiz Mountain. The southern part of the mountain has relatively milder climatic conditions than the northern part. For this reason, there are red pine, black pine, cedar and Taurus fir trees in the south of Medetsiz Mountain.

Endemic Species Found on Mount Medetsiz

There are endemic animal species in Medetsiz Mountain. The first of these is a snake species called “Vipera bulgardaghica”. Although this snake is a venomous snake, it lives only in this region. The other endemic species living in Medetsiz Mountain is the world’s only crowing frog. The name of this frog is “Rana Holtzi”. This frog is also known as “Taurus Frog” in Turkey. The Taurus frog lives in the region of Karagöl, Çinigöl and Eğrigöl.
Is Mount Medetsiz a Volcanic Mountain?
Medetsiz Mountain is a tectonic mountain. Therefore, it is not a volcanic mountain.

Climbing Medetsiz Mountain

Medetsiz Mountain is a popular peak for mountaineering. There are many routes to climb the mountain. Mountaineers generally use the Ulukışla route for climbing. The climbing activity on Mount Medetsiz takes about 12 hours. Medetsiz Mountain receives heavy snow in spring and winter due to climatic conditions. These seasons are more difficult as climbing. For this reason, mountaineers who choose the spring and winter months for climbing start climbing early in the morning. It is easier to climb Medetsiz Mountain in summer. The clear weather in summer provides a wide lane view.

If you start from Karagöl camping area while climbing Medetsiz Mountain, the route to the east is followed. It is aimed at KoyunAşağı Hill in the east. KoyunAşağı Hill is clearly visible, especially in summer, thanks to the open air and wide lane. KoyunAşağı Hill is around 3400 meters. From here, the summit ridges and peaks look extremely beautiful. After reaching Koyun Aşağı Hill, you can reach Medetsiz Mountain by proceeding from the south-southwest direction of the hill.

To the south of KoyunAşağı Hill, there is Keşif Hill. There is Medetsiz Mountain on the east side of Keşif Hill. During the climb, a long ridge pass is made by following the ridge of the mountain. Then, the Keşif Tepe turn is passed. Again, by continuing the ridge, the southwestern slope of Medetsiz Mountain is reached. Climbing takes place on a scree in summer. In spring and winter, the climb takes place on snowy ground. The same route is followed for the return.

While climbing Medetsiz Mountain in summer; Especially in July and later, you may not even come across a snow field that can be a water source on the climbing route. For this reason, those who will climb Medetsiz Mountain must have sufficient spare water. In winter, snow conditions and rock stages on the ridge line of the mountain can be challenging. Depending on the wind in the region and the air currents coming from the Mediterranean, a foggy environment may occur on the mountain.

Medetsiz Mountain Camping

Those who want to stay on Medetsiz Mountain can generally stay in Meydan Plateau at 2200 meters or Karagöl at 2500 meters. To reach Meydan Plateau, you can go by car from Darboğaz Village. After about half an hour of driving, you reach Meydan plateau. Karagöl can be reached by walking in 30-45 minutes from Meydan Plateau. There is a water source in both accommodation areas.

What Does It Mean Without Medet?

The word “medet” is used in the sense of “help-help” in Turkish. The suffix “-you” at the end of the word is the negation suffix. There is no precise definition of the word. However, meanings such as “helpless, unscrupulous, difficult” can be deduced from the word.

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