Mount Palandoken

Mount Palandoken

Mount Palandoken

Mount Palandoken is located in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Palandoken Mountain is the 15th highest mountain in Turkey. The mountain is famous for its unique vegetation, steep slopes and winter sports tourism.

There are many picnic areas, camping areas and hotels on Palandoken Mountain. The highest peak of Palandöken Mountain is named Büyükejder. Those who want to climb the Büyükejder Peak can reach the summit by chairlift during the ski season.

Where are the Palandoken Mountains?

Palandoken Mountain is located within the borders of Erzurum province of Turkey. Palandoken Mountain is about 10 kilometers south of Erzurum city. The mountain is located in the south of the Erzurum plain.

What is the altitude of Palandoken Mountain?

The height of Palandoken Mountain is exactly 3125 meters. Palandoken Mountain is located among the mountains higher than 3000 meters in Turkey. Erzurum, where Palandoken Mountain is located, is built on mountain ranges. The height of the city of Erzurum is about 1950 meters. For this reason, Palandoken Mountain does not have a view as high as the other 3000 meters high mountains in Turkey. Despite this, his name is mentioned in many Anatolian legends.

Is Palandoken Mountain Tectonic?

Palandoken Mountain is a tectonic mountain formed as a result of earth movements.

How was Palandoken Mountain Formed?

As Palandöken Mountain is a tectonic mountain, it was formed as a result of fault and earth movements for many years. Geosynclinals (sedimentation areas) in the region have been exposed to great pressure as a result of continental movements. For this reason, as a result of the pressure, the earth structure in the region was bent. As a result of this fold, Palandoken Mountain was formed.

Is Palandoken Mountain Broken Mountain?

Palandoken Mountain is not a broken mountain. Palandoken Mountain is in the fold mountains group.

Is Palandoken Mountain Volcanic?

Palandoken Mountain is a tectonic mountain. Therefore, it is not a volcanic mountain.

How to Go to Palandoken Mountain?

If you prefer the airline to go to Palandoken Mountain; You can choose Erzurum Airport in Erzurum city. You can reach the city center from the airport with the shuttles. Then, you can reach the mountain by city buses from Palandöken Mountain, as it is close to the city center.

Since there is a railway line passing through Erzurum, you can also reach the city by railway. You can reach the mountain by using the shuttles from the city center.
If you prefer the highway to reach the region; You can come to Erzurum by buses, your own car or a rented car. You can reach the city by following the Erzurum D950 highway. Then you can reach Palandöken Mountain with the same route.

Is Palandoken Mountain Entrance Fee?

There is no entrance fee to Palandoken Mountain. Those who wish can perform activities such as camping on the mountain. Those who want to benefit from the businesses on Palandöken Mountain can purchase services by paying a fee.

Mount Palandoken Climbing

Palandoken Mountain provides easier climbing conditions compared to other peaks in Turkey. However, the winter season passes in that region with heavy snowfall and low temperatures. Climbing in the winter can be dangerous due to some of the mountain’s steep trails. For this reason, those who want to climb Palandöken Mountain should climb using technical equipment. There are many routes to climb to the top. The best and most comfortable way to the 3125 m summit from Erzurum city center is through the ski center.

Mount Palandoken Ski Center

Palandoken Ski Center is 70 kilometers long and has an area of 25 kilometers. Palandoken Mountain was declared a Winter Tourism Center in 1993. In Palandoken Ski Center; There are 3 ski resorts consisting of Erzurum (Hınıs) Strait, Konaklı and Gez Plateau. Palandöken Ski Center is actually the Erzurum Strait. There are two registered ski tracks in Palandoken Ski Center. The tracks in the ski center are registered by the International Ski Federation (FIS). Registered tracks are used for slalom and giant slalom competitions.

Palandoken Mountain has a structure suitable for skiing for 5 months. Palandöken Mountain is one of the country’s leading ski resorts with the amount of snow on its northern slope in winter, the quality of snow and the ski center with the longest track in Turkey. The snowfall on Palandöken Mountain, reaching 2-3 meters, falling as dust and lasting for five months, makes it attractive for ski tourism. Palandöken Ski Center hosted the 25th World Universities Winter Games in 2011. For this reason, Erzurum has become one of the new attraction centers of Turkey and the world winter tourism. The tracks owned by Palandöken Ski Center are among the longest and steepest tracks in the world. For this reason, it enabled the organization of the Winter Olympics. Palandöken Ski Center was ranked 18th among 41 ski resorts in the world determined by the New York Times Newspaper.

Mount Palandoken Ice Park

An artificial ice park with a height of 20 meters and a width of 150 meters was built in Palandoken Ski Center.

The ice park is located in the south of Palandöken Ski Center. Palandöken Ice Rink was built using a pipeline and irrigation system from the stream near the Palandöken Ski Center. The air temperature drops below zero and ice floes are formed with irrigation. The ice park is accredited by the Turkish Mountaineering Federation. For this reason, it is frequently visited by mountaineers who come to climb Palandöken Mountain.

Palandoken Ice Climbing Festival

Palandoken Ice Climbing Festival started to be held in 2019. This year, the festival was held for the third time. The festival is held in the artificial ice park in Palandöken Ski Center. Apart from the participants in Turkey, the Palandöken Ice Climbing Festival is attended by athletes from the USA, Italy, France, Georgia and Iran. The mountain welcomes many visitors due to its ease of transportation and different options for climbing.

Mount Palandoken Nature

Palandoken Mountain is a mountain famous for its geography and natural beauties. Palandoken Mountain has natural yellow pine and oak forests. It also contains some endemic species in its vegetation. One of them is the Palandökenensis flower, a flower unique to Palandöken. At the same time, the mountain is home to many butterfly species. It has an important butterfly diversity in terms of endemic life.

Where does the name Palandoken come from?

The name of the Palandoken Mountain is formed from the combination of the word “palan”, which is used to mean donkey saddle in Turkish, and the words “shed”. It is rumored that the saddles of the donkeys hit on the mountain road were knocked down due to the steep slopes. For this reason, it is rumored that the name of the mountain was given as “Palandöken” in order to emphasize the steepness of the mountain. According to another rumor, it is thought that the name of the mountain was given by the people as an allusion to the steepness of the mountain. The steepness of the mountain is so high that it is thought to be alluded to in the sense that it sheds even the saddlebags hit on the donkey’s saddle.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Mount Palandoken this site.

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