Mount Vercenik

Mount Vercenik

Mount Vercenik

Mount Vercenik is, also known as Ucdoruk Mountain, is one of the three peaks of the North Anatolian Mountains. The mountain fascinates everyone with its geography and untouched nature. There are many lakes around the mountain.

Vercenik Mountain is one of the three highest mountains of Kaçkar Mountains. After Kaçkar Mountain, which is the highest point of Kaçkar mountain range, the second highest point is Vercenik Mountain. The mountain is also the eighth highest mountain in Turkey. At the same time, Vercenik Mountain is one of the most preferred climbing points for mountaineers with its challenging track and magnificent nature. Climbing Vercenik Mountain is very difficult and requires technical equipment.

In which province is Vercenik Mountain?

Vercenik Mountain is located in Çamlıhemşin district of Rize province in Turkey.

Where is Vercenik Mountain?

Vercenik Mountain is located in the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey. The mountain is in the eastern Black Sea part of the North Anatolian Mountains.

How to Get to Vercenik Mountain?

If you prefer the airline, you can reach the region by using Rize – Artvin Airport. Then you can come to Çamlıhemşin district by shuttles from the city center. Afterwards, you can come to Çat Village by taking a minibus or taxi. After reaching the village, if you continue on the village road, you will reach Vercenik Plateau. Finally, you can reach Vercenik

Mountain by walking from Vercenik Plateau.

If you prefer the highway, you can reach the city of Rize by buses that come from other cities every day. Then, by following the same route, you reach Vercenik Mountain.

Mount Vercenik Plateau

Vercenik Plateau is connected to Çamlıhemşin district of Rize. It is 60 km away from the town centre. Vercenik Plateau, an area frequently visited by tourists, has more than 10 lakes around it. At the same time, Vercenik Plateau is one of the 12 highest plateaus in Turkey.

Vercenik Plateau offers many activities to its visitors in addition to its natural scenery and fresh air. In order to climb Vercenik Mountain, you need to take Vercenik Plateau as your starting point. Apart from that, you have the opportunity to walk over the Macar Lake, located to the east of Vercenik Plateau, to Cicek Plateau. In addition, daily trips can be made to Kapılı Sandlu, Buzlu Lakes, Mocar or Tatos Sulak Lakes, which are very close to Vercenik Plateau. Vercenik Mountain offers suitable opportunities for those who want to camp. However, there are hostels in Vercenik Plateau for those who do not want to camp.

Mount Vercenik Glacier Lake

There are about 31 glacial lakes in the Kaçkar mountain range. Some of these glacial lakes are located near Vercenik Mountain. Kapılı Glacial Lakes are one of them.

Where is Vercenik Lake?

Vercenik Mountain contains some glacial lakes. But there is no lake named Vercenik lake.

Vercenik Mountain Climbing

Climbing Vercenik Mountain is one of the most dangerous and challenging trails in Turkey for mountaineers. Especially winter climbing is very difficult for mountaineers. Climbing to the summit of Vercenik Mountain with its unspoiled nature and natural beauties is more suitable for technically equipped mountaineers due to reasons such as giant rocks, steep slopes and harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to climb Vercenik Mountain with professional help.

The classical route is generally used by mountaineers when climbing Vercenik Mountain. With the classical route, the entrance is made from the southwest lane of Vercenik Mountain. As the 45-50 degree inclined road is snowy and icy, mountaineers who will climb Vercenik Mountain are recommended to use crampons, pickaxes, helmets, ropes, seat belts, hammers and carabiners. Climbers can reach the summit in about 5 hours after reaching the V-notch. Then rope descent can be done by using rope for landing.

Mount Vercenik Camping

Mountaineers who want to camp on Vercenik Mountain usually stay in Vercenik Plateau. Weather conditions are cold and harsh in all four seasons of the year due to the altitude. For this reason, campers who want to stay on Vercenik Mountain should act according to the weather conditions. Campers who want to climb the mountain usually set up camp by the twin lakes called Kapılı Lakes to climb the mountain.

Where Does Vercenik Mountain’s Name Come From?

The meaning of the word Vercenik comes from the word “Varşanbağ” in Laz. The exact meaning of the word is not known.

You can follow the current weather conditions for Mount Vercenik this site.

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