Mount Ida Kaz Mountains


Mount Ida Kaz Mountains

Mount Ida Kaz Mountains, also known as Mount Ida, is a mountain range in northwest Turkey, near the cities of Balıkesir and Çanakkale. Mount Ida has its highest peak at over 1700 meters. Mount Ida is known for its natural resources and wildlife, as well as rich vegetation, including pine forests. The area surrounding Mount Ida is a popular tourist destination, offering opportunities for hiking, camping and exploring ancient ruins such as the city of Troy.

Where is Mount Ida?

Mount Ida is located in the northwest of Turkey, in the provinces of Çanakkale and Balıkesir. It is located across the Dardanelles Strait from the Greek island of Lesbos, close to the Aegean coast and the cities of Balıkesir and Çanakkale. It is view of Map this site

What is the Specialty of Mount Ida?

Mount Ida in Turkey are known for their following features:

Natural beauty: It is known for its rich flora such as pine forests, as well as its natural resources and diverse wildlife. At the same time, Mount Ida is a high oxygen source. There are hospitals for asthma patients in the area.

 Archaeological significance: The area surrounding Mount Ida has been inhabited for thousands of years and is home to numerous ancient ruins, including the city of Troy, believed to be the site of the legendary Trojan War.

Hiking and outdoor recreation: The mountain offers opportunities for hiking, camping and outdoor activities such as trekking and rock climbing.

Cultural significance: Mount Ida is part of the folklore and mythology of the region and is mentioned in many ancient Greek texts, including the epic poem Iliad.

Tourist destination: The natural beauty and cultural significance of Mount Ida make it a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Where to Visit Mount Ida?

Here are some of the popular places to visit on Mount Ida:

  • Troy: The ancient city of Troy is believed to be the site of the legendary Trojan War and is a major tourist attraction in the region. Visitors can see the ruins of the city and explore the history of this important archaeological site.
  • Karain Cave: This is one of the oldest human-inhabited caves in the world, with a history of more than 50,000 years. Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the history and geology of the cave.
  • Beşparmak National Park: This national park covers a large area of the mountain and is home to a wide variety of wildlife and vegetation, including pine forests and natural springs. Hiking trails provide opportunities to explore the park and enjoy the natural beauty.
  • Rabbit Cape: A rocky peninsula extending into the Aegean Sea with stunning views of the coast and the surrounding countryside. It is a popular destination for picnics and outdoor activities.
  • Antandros: This ancient city is located near the modern town of Behramkale and is believed to have been founded by the Trojans. Visitors can see the ruins of the city and explore the history of this important site.
  • Şahin Creek Canyon: Located in Mount Ida National Park, the canyon is an important tourism area of the region. Şahin Deresi Canyon is famous for its clean, clear and cold water.
  • Sarıkız Hill and Tomb: A tomb was built for Sarıkız, who is mentioned in the Sarıkız Legend in the city, on a 1726m high hill of Mount Ida. Visitors to Mount Ida definitely stop by this spot where certain rituals take place.
  • Hasan Boğuldu Waterfall: Its other name is Sütüven Waterfall. The waterfall on Mount Ida fascinates visitors with its beauty. It is one of the beauties among the forests with its cool and clear water.
  • Zeus Altar: It is thought that the Zeus character from mythology lived on Mount Ida. It is believed that this ancient house also belongs to Zeus. It is another point that visitors to the region visit.
  • Adatepe Village: It is a village in the Küçükkuyu district of Çanakkale. It is a historical village, it has been restored over time and brought into tourism.

When To Go To Mount Ida Kaz Mountains?

The best time to visit Mount Kaz (Ida) depends on what you plan to do during your trip. Here are some guidelines:

  • Spring (March to May): This is a great time to visit for mild temperatures, lush foliage, and an abundance of wildflowers. It is a good time for hiking, camping and outdoor activities.
  • Summer (June-September): This is the peak tourist season and temperatures can be high with occasional thunderstorms. If you like swimming and sunbathing, this might be the best time to visit. In August, activities are held at the tomb on Sarıkız Hill, one of the summit points of Mount Ida. Local people come to the tomb that day and stay on the hill for one day. For this reason, the number of tourists coming to Mount Ida increases in summer.
  • Autumn (October to November): This is another beautiful time to visit, with mild temperatures and changing foliage colors.
  • Winter (December to February): Winter can be cold, with occasional snow and rain, and may not be the best time for outdoor activities. However, if you enjoy winter sports such as skiing, you may consider going up the mountain during this period.

Note: Be sure to check the forecast and local conditions before you go, as conditions can change from year to year.

How to Go to Mount Ida?

There are several ways to reach Mount Ida, Turkey:

  • By car: Mount Kaz (Ida), located near the province of Çanakkale, which can be reached by car via the E87 and D550 highways.
  • By Bus: There are regular bus services between Çanakkale and other major cities in Turkey, including Istanbul and Izmir. From Çanakkale you can take a local bus to the mountain.
  • By Plane: The closest airport to Mount Ida is Çanakkale Airport, where flights are organized to Istanbul and other major cities of Turkey, and Edremit Airport of Balıkesir. You can take a taxi or rent a car to reach the mountain from the airport.
  • By Ferry: If you are coming from Greece, you can take a ferry from the Greek island of Lesbos to Çanakkale. From there you can take a local bus or rent a car to reach the mountain.

Once you reach the mountain, there are many trails and paths that lead to various places and attractions, so you may want to consider hiring a car or hiring a guide to help you get around.

Where to Stay in Mount Ida?

There are several options for accommodation in and around Mount Ida in Turkey:

  • Hotels: There are several hotels in the nearby towns of Behramkale, Altinoluk, and Gure, offering a variety of amenities and price points.
  • Guesthouses: These offer more rustic and traditional Turkish accommodation, often with scenic views of the mountain and the surrounding countryside.
  • Camping: There are several campsites in the national park that offer opportunities for outdoor recreation and scenic mountain views.
  • Villas: For those looking for a more secluded and private experience, there are several villas for rent in the area, often with private swimming pools and other amenities.

Legends of Mount Ida (Kaz Mountains)

Mount Ida, also known as Kaz Mountain, is an ancient and iconic mountain in Turkey that has been the focus of many myths and legends throughout history. Here are some of the best-known stories about Mount Ida:

  • Birth of Zeus: According to Greek mythology, Mount Ida was the birthplace of Zeus, the king of the gods. It is said that Zeus was raised by the mountain nymphs and visited the mountain frequently throughout his life.
  • The Judgment of Paris: The Judgment of Paris was a famous story in which the goddesses Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera were asked to decide which was the most beautiful. The Trojan Prince Paris was asked to make the decision and it was said that the incident took place on Mount Ida.
  • Trojan War: Mount Ida is said to be the site of the city of Troy, the site of the famous Trojan War in Greek mythology. The mountain was said to provide protection and resources for the city and was an important part of the Trojan War legend.
  • Cybele’s House: In ancient Phrygian mythology, Mount Ida is said to be the home of the mother goddess Cybele. The mountain was sacred to him and it was said that he lived there with his wife, Attis.
  • Sarıkız Legend: The most famous one among the local people is Sarıkız Legend. It tells the story of a girl who lived in the mountains and was a saint.

These myths and legends helped make Mount Ida one of the most well-known and historically important mountains in the world and remains an important part of Turkey’s cultural heritage today.

Mount Ida (Kaz Mountains) Sarıkız Story

Legend has it that a very beautiful girl lived on Mount Ida and they called her Sarıkız. In time, those who could not take the beauty of Sarıkız started to spread rumors about her, saying that she had gone astray, and declared her cursed. Thereupon, his father took Sarıkız and left him on the summit of Mount Ida. While Sarıkız was walking around the mountain, a goose came to her and gave her some eggs. Sarıkız hid them and after a while the goslings hatched and grew up. One day, two foreigners who lost their way due to snow and blizzard had to take shelter on the summit where Sarıkız lived. Sarıkız saved these foreigners from the cold, fed them and brought them to their shelter. After these foreigners came down from the mountain, they said to the villagers, “A very beautiful, saintly girl lives on Mount Ida.” These words reached Sarıkız’s village and her parents. Sarıkız’s parents could not stand the longing they felt for their children any longer and went to Sarıkız. Mother and father, who met Sarıkız at the summit, embraced Sarıkız with love. At one point, the father asked his daughter for water, Sarıkız said “right now” and made her father drink water with her palms, her father said, “Where did you get the water from?” When she said that, she said, “I stretched out my hand, I took it from the sea”. Thus, the mother and father realized that their daughter was truly a saint and returned…

What Is Mount Ida Famous For?

Located in northwest Turkey, the Mount Ida is are known for their natural landscapes, lush forests, and natural beauty that includes diverse wildlife. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, campers and nature lovers. Ida Mountains, which is also famous for its thermal springs and thermal springs believed to have therapeutic properties, is flooded by health seekers.

In addition to its natural beauty, Mount Ida is also culturally important with their rich history dating back to ancient times. The region is home to many different civilizations, including Byzantines, Ottoman Turks, and ancient Phrygians. The cultural heritage of Mount Ida is reflected in its traditional villages, historical ruins, and local folklore, including the famous “Mount Ida Sarıkız Tale”.

Overall, Mount Ida are famous for their unique combination of natural and cultural attractions that make them a popular destination for tourists and a source of pride for locals.

Why Is Mount Ida being destroyed?

Gold prospecting is one of the biggest activities that contributed to the destruction of Mount Ida. Mount Ida is rich in minerals and precious metals, including gold. The demand for these resources has led to an increase in mining and mineral exploration activities in the region. Mining activities can cause significant environmental damage, including deforestation, soil erosion and contamination of water resources. Additionally, the use of chemicals and heavy machinery in gold prospecting can have a significant impact on the local ecosystem and wildlife.

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