Mount Sandras

mount sandras

Mount Sandras

Mount Sandras is a majestic peak situated in the western part of Turkey, within the boundaries of Muğla province. As a part of the Western Taurus Mountain Range, Sandras Mountain boasts an impressive height of 2295 meters. The summit of this mountain holds a rich cultural heritage and is steeped in myth and legend, with local folklore suggesting that the legendary figure Eren lies there. This has led to the summit being commonly referred to as “Çiçekli Baba”, which means “Flowery Father”.

Apart from its mythological significance, Sandras Mountain is also renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, attracting both tourists and nature enthusiasts alike. The mountain and its surroundings are also home to the ancient city of Kaunos, which adds to the area’s cultural and historical significance. Overall, Sandras Mountain is a unique and captivating destination, offering visitors a chance to experience the beauty of the Turkish landscape and delve into the fascinating stories and traditions of the region.

Where is Sandras Mountain?

Sandras Mountain is located in the west end of Toros Mountains, immediately north of Lake Köyceğiz. Sandras Mountain is within the boundaries of the Köyceğiz district in the Muğla province of Turkey. The Dalaman River is to the east and southeast, and the Namnam River is to the southwest of Sandras Mountain. To the north of Sandras Mountain is the Beyağaç district in the Denizli province.

What is the Height Of Sandras?

The height of Sandras Mountain is 2295 meters. The summit of Sandras Mountain is called “Erenler Summit” and “Çiçek Baba” at its peak.

How to Reach Sandras?

You can reach Mount Sandras by either air or road. If you opt for air travel, you can fly to Milas-Bodrum Airport in Muğla. From the airport, you can take a shuttle to the city center. Then, you can take a minibus or taxi from the city center to Köyceğiz district, where Sandras Mountain is located. To reach the mountain, follow the road from Yeşilköy District in Köyceğiz to Yayla Village.

For those traveling by road, you can first drive to Muğla. Then, head towards Fethiye for about 30 km until you reach Köyceğiz. From there, follow the road from Yeşilköy District to Yayla Village to reach Sandras Mountain.

Mountaineering at Sandras

Sandras Mountain, with its beautiful vegetation cover and enchanting views, is a frequently visited area by those who enjoy nature sports. Those who are particularly interested in mountaineering activities are more attracted to Sandras Mountain. Sandras Mountain is suitable for climbing, hiking, mountaineering, and camping activities. Camping at the foot of the mountain, especially in spring and summer, is priceless. The Dalaman and Namnam streams surrounding Sandras Mountain enchant the visitors of the mountain.

Sandras Mountain is a moderate difficulty area for mountaineering activities. Climbing routes on the mountain can vary, but generally have a route length of around 10km.

The Legend of Sandras

According to a legend, Mount Sandras and Mount Atkuruksallamaz got into a fight one day. Balls thrown by Mount Horsetail during the fight do not reach Mount Sandras. However, Sandras Mountain hits the top of Horsekuyruksallamaz Mountain with the balls he throws. Thereupon, Mount Atkuyruksallamaz, accepting the defeat, had to say “Sen dıvrazsın”, which means you are great. Later, the name of the mountain remained as “Sandras” over time.

According to another legend, according to the narration of Ağla village of Köyceğiz, which clings to the skirts of Sandras Mountain; In ancient times, 72 saints in Khorasan, Iran, threw their wands into Anatolia, the Balkans, and the Middle East. The whole of the staffs is scattered on the peaks of different mountains. The scepter of five of the saints is on the great mountains of this region; It falls on the peaks of Horsekuyruksallamaz, Şimşir, Ölemez, Stallion and Sandras, as the residents of the region call it. The wands wait for their owners in the high mountains for a while. The five erens then set off towards the place where they threw their wands. Çiçek Baba, one of the Erens, comes to Sandras Mountain and finds his staff. He then inhabits the summit of Mount Sandras.

Exploring the Surroundings of Sandras

Sandras Mountain is located in Muğla, one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. As a result, those who come to Sandras Mountain can find many places to visit near the mountain in addition to the activities on the mountain. Some of these places include Lake Köyceğiz, Iztuzu Beach, Round Tea, Turtle Hospital, Kaunos Ancient City, Kaunos King’s Tombs, Lake with Leeches, Sultaniye Hot Springs, and Dalyan Mud Baths. These destinations offer a diverse range of experiences, from scenic lakes and beaches, to historical sites and therapeutic hot springs, making them ideal for those who are looking for a complete holiday experience.

Sandras Mountain’s Gökçeova Lake

Gökçeova Lake is located in a basin 1,750 meters above sea level from the sea level on Sandras Mountain. The lake, which was created for water supply with a dam, is fed by springs from the peaks of the mountain all year round. Gökçeova Lake is particularly used as a camping ground for visitors who come to Sandras Mountain. The unique view of the lake accompanies campers with its exceptional view.

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