Akdaglar Mountains

akdag mountains

Akdaglar Mountains

Akdağlar is a majestic mountain range located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, in the ancient Lycia region in Antalya. It is a branch of the Bey Mountains, consisting of the High Tekellioğulları Mountains, the Coastal Bey Mountains, and the Central Bey Mountains. With multiple peaks and a main summit consisting of five peaks, Akdağlar is the perfect destination for mountaineers and hikers alike. The region also contains ancient Roman roads that are still visible today.

Akdağlar: The Majestic Mountain Range in Antalya

Located between Fethiye and Kaş, Akdaglar Mountains is a sight to behold, appearing almost unreachable from a distance. However, this branch of the Bey Mountains, with its peaks reaching up to 3,000 meters, is a popular destination for shepherds during the summer months due to the green pastures surrounding the area. The snowy peaks of the Teke Peninsula, which runs north to south, are also suitable for settlements during the summer months, thanks to the flat areas found on the mountaintops. Uyluk Tepe, the highest point of Akdağlar, rises 3,014 meters above sea level.

Akdağlar stretches between Elmalı Polyesi and Eşen Stream. The mountain range is surrounded by steep cliffs and is composed of Mesozoic-aged limestone formations. There are several flat areas of varying elevations on the mountain, which are used as pastures. The karstic formations such as dolines and uvalas are widespread in these areas. After 2,300 meters, one can start seeing glacial formations. The Pleistocene-era glaciers have added glacial formations to karstic shapes. Glacial valleys, rocky hillocks, and moraines are observed on the mountain.

Gömbe Plateau, famous for its fragrant apples and cedar trees, is the most beautiful settlement around Akdağlar. In the mornings, the silhouette of Akdağ reflects on the Akçay Dam Lake near the ancient city of Komba. Anyone can climb the summit of Akdağ, the second-highest peak in the western Taurus Mountains after Kızlar Sivrisi, by taking a three and a half-hour walk starting from Suçıkan Plateau, which is a 30-minute drive from Gömbe.

What’s in the Akdaglar

There are several lakes on the Akdaglar Mountains range, including Kartal Lakes, Sarı Lake, Bucak Lake, Yeşil Lake, İkizgöl, Çimenli, Girdev, Baranda, Bulanık, and many other unnamed small lakes. The region is deserving of the title “land of lakes.” Beyond 1,450 meters, Akdağlar is entirely bare. During the summer, shepherds often frequent the lush green pastures, such as Su Başi, Karadere, and Kartal Yaylaları. It is possible to reach the lakes by taking small walks from these pastures. One of the most beautiful life-giving lakes in the region is Yeşilgöl, which is partly a glacial lake. Next to the lake, there is Uçarsu Waterfall, which cascades down from a high point near the summit of Akdağ.

In conclusion, Akdağlar is a stunning mountain range that is perfect for mountaineers, hikers, and anyone looking for an adventure in nature. It is a paradise for mountaineers and nature enthusiasts alike, with its stunning peaks, lush green valleys, and serene lakes. The mountain range also boasts a rich history, as evidenced by the ancient Roman roads that can be found in the area. Whether you are looking for a challenging climb or a peaceful hike, Akdağlar has something to offer for everyone. So, if you are a nature lover seeking adventure, Akdağlar should definitely be on your list of must-visit destinations!

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