Besparmak Mountains

besparmak mountains

Besparmak Mountains

Beşparmak Mountains, is a majestic mountain range located on the northern coast of the island of Cyprus. These mountains have a rich history, fascinating geological formations, and unique flora and fauna, making them a popular destination for hikers, climbers, and nature enthusiasts.

Beşparmak Mountains: Cyprus’ History and Majestic Mountains

The Besparmak Mountains stretch over 170 kilometers along the north coast of Cyprus, running east to west. The highest peak is Kyparissovouno (Selvili Tepe), standing at an impressive 1,024 meters above sea level. The mountains are also home to several other peaks, including Kionia, Kantara, and St. Hilarion Castle, which sits atop a rocky peak at an elevation of 732 meters.

One of the most fascinating features of the Beşparmak Mountains is their geological history. The mountains are made up of sedimentary rock formations that are estimated to be around 60 million years old. These rocks were formed from layers of sand, clay, and other materials that were deposited over millions of years. Over time, the rocks were uplifted and eroded, creating the unique landscape that we see today.

The Besparmak Mountains are also home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. The mountains are covered in dense forests of pine, oak, and cypress trees, which provide habitat for a variety of wildlife, including wild boars, foxes, and birds of prey. The mountains are also home to several endemic plant species, including the Cyprus cedar, which is found only on the island of Cyprus.

The Beşparmak Mountains have played an important role in the history of Cyprus. The mountains are home to several ancient ruins, including the famous St. Hilarion Castle, which was built in the 11th century by the Byzantines and later used by the Crusaders. The castle offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and is a popular destination for tourists.

The Beşparmak Mountains also have a rich cultural heritage. The mountains are home to several small villages, including Bellapais, which is famous for its medieval abbey and charming streets lined with traditional houses. The village is also home to several restaurants and cafes where visitors can sample traditional Cypriot cuisine.

Hiking and mountaineering are popular activities in the Beşparmak Mountains, with several well-marked trails winding through the forests and rocky peaks. The trails offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Overall, the Beşparmak Mountains are a fascinating and unique destination for anyone interested in history, geology, or nature. With their stunning views, rich flora and fauna, and fascinating cultural heritage, these mountains offer something for everyone. Whether you are an experienced mountaineer or a casual hiker, a visit to the Beşparmak Mountains is sure to be a memorable experience. So, if you are planning a trip to Cyprus, be sure to add the Beşparmak Mountains to your itinerary!

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