Mount Erek

Mount Erek

Mount Erek

Erek Mountain is one of the high altitude, tectonic mountains in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Mount Erek is in the group of mountains with an altitude of over 3000 meters. The mountain has two peaks. For this reason, it is divided into Big Erek Mountain and Small Erek Mountain. Compared to other mountains in the Eastern Anatolia Region, Erek Mountain has a more suitable structure for mountaineering. It can be considered ideal for mountaineering activities with its unique view of the mountain, ease of transportation, and its high peak. Besides, Erek Mountain has its own unique fauna and habitat. The mountain contains endemic species in itself.

Erek Mountain is a mountain that Armenians are familiar with, both in terms of location and history. For this reason, the Armenian name of the mountain is Varag Mountain.

Where is Erek Mountain?

Erek Mountain is located in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, within the city limits of Edremit in the province of Van. The mountain is one of the easternmost mountains in Turkey. It is also located near Lake Van. You can see Mount Erek on Google Map

In which city is Mount Erek?

Erek Mountain is located within the borders of Van province of Turkey.

How to go to Erek?

Erek Mountain is one of the ideal spots to do nature sports and enjoy the scenery. Guests who want to reach the mountain can choose the airline or the highway.

Visitors who prefer the airline can come to the region by arriving at Van Ferit Melen Airport, which is the closest airport to Erek Mountain. The airport is approximately 50 kilometers from the city center. Visitors who want to come to the mountain can come to Van every day from Turkey’s big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Then they can come to Edremit district by renting a taxi or a car from the airline. Edremit is a city established on the skirts of Erek Mountain. For this reason, you can advance to a certain part of the mountain by car. Then you can reach the summit by following the mountain road on foot.

Visitors who prefer the highway can reach the mountain by bus, with their own vehicles or by renting a car. First of all, visitors can approach the mountain by first coming to the city of Van and then to the Edremit district. Visitors who follow the mountain road from Edremit on foot can reach the summits of Erek Mountain.

In addition; If visitors want to use public transportation for urban transportation, they can find regular services between Van and Edremit. Whatever mode of transportation you choose, it’s important to plan your trip ahead of time. Some parts of the mountain can be difficult to hike and may not be accessible at certain times of the year.

What is the Height of Erek?

The mountain has two peaks as the Big Erek and the Small Erek Mountains. The peak of Big Erek Mountain is about 3,200 (10,500 ft) meters. With this height, the mountain is the second highest mountain in the city of Van. The summit of Little Erek Mountain is 2750 meters.

Is Mount Erek Volcanic?

Erek Mountain is not a volcanic mountain.

Legend of Mount Erek

There is no clear legend of the mountain. The peoples of the region wrote poems and songs about the beauty of the mountain.

Erek Mountain Mountaineering

Erek Mountain is one of the most preferred mountains for mountaineering activities. Being a city built on the skirts of the mountain makes it very easy to reach the mountain. Edremit city center is only 10 km from the mountain. Besides, the fact that the mountain has two peaks offers different trails to the mountaineers. Erek Mountain has an activity area for both experienced mountaineers and amateur mountaineers. Since the mountain is located in the east of Turkey, it has a harsh climate. Most of the time, there are snow and ice masses on the mountain until the beginning of summer. For this reason, it can be risky for mountaineering activities in winter. The weather conditions in the summer months are much more suitable for climbing.

Places on Erek

Those who come to the mountain can also visit different touristic areas in the region. Edremit district of Van province in Turkey is a beautiful area with its rich history and culture. Some of the popular places to visit in Edremit are:

  • Akdamar Island: Located on the shores of Lake Van, this island is home to the Akdamar Armenian Church, a striking example of medieval Armenian architecture.
  • Van Castle: Also known as Van Castle, this castle is a large and imposing structure located on a hill overlooking Van. It was built by the Urartians in the 9th century and offers panoramic city and lake views.
  • Seven Churches: This is one of the most beautiful spots worth seeing in the region. It is called the Varagavank monastery in Armenian. The church is located in the village of Yukarı Bakraçlı in Van. It is estimated that the church was built in the 8th century. The Varaga Church consisted of seven separate churches and structures and was added to each other at different times.
  • Ishak Pasha Palace: Located near the Doğubeyazıt district, this palace is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture in Turkey.
  • Bitlis Castle: The history of the castle, located in the province of Bitlis, dates back to the 11th century. It offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding countryside.
  • Muradiye Waterfall: Located near the Edremit district, this waterfall is a popular place for picnics and outdoor activities.
  • Takht-e Soleyman: This ancient Zoroastrian temple is located in the West Azerbaijan province and is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in Iran.

These are just a few of the many beautiful and interesting places to visit near Erek Mountain. Whether you’re into history, culture or outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant and diverse region.

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