Mount Kose – Kosedag

Mount Kose - Kosedag

Mount Kose – Kosedag

Kösedag is a mountain located in the easternmost city of Van in Turkey. Mount Kose – Kosedag is also located on the Kars-Erzurum volcanic plateau. Kösedağ is known for its high altitude and harsh weather conditions. At the same time, the unique fauna and climate of the mountain help it to contain many living things. Due to these features, the mountain is frequently visited by those who do nature sports. You can see Kosedag Photos on Google Photos

Where is Kösedag?

Kösedağ is one of the high altitude mountains located in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Mount Kose – Kosedag located in the south of Kars, in the east of Erzurum, and in the north of Ağrı. You can see Kosedag on Google Map

In which city is Kösedag?

Kösedağ is located in Eleşkirt district of Ağrı province of Turkey.

How to go to Kösedag?

Visitors who prefer the airline to go to Kösedağ can come to the region by using Van Ferit Melen Airport in Van. Afterwards, they can go to the city center and go to the town of Eleşkirt, where the mountain is located, by bus, taxi or car rental methods. Afterwards, they can reach the mountain by following the mountain road from Eleşkirt.

For visitors who prefer the highway, the road may take a little longer. Van is the easternmost province of Turkey. For this reason, it is ideal to complete part of the road by air and part by road. Those who prefer the highway can come to the city by buses that come to the city every day, by their own vehicles or by car rental methods. Then they can go to Eleşkirt district and then to the mountain road by using a similar route.

What is the Altitude of Kösedağ?

Kösedağ is one of the high altitude mountains in the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. The mountain is in the group of mountains with an altitude of over 3000 meters. The height of the mountain is 3433 meters (approximately 11,263 ft).

Is Kösedağ a Volcanic Mountain?

Kösedağ is not a volcanic mountain. However, since it is on a volcanic plateau, it has volcanic extensions.

Places Near Kosedag

There are many places to visit in Ağrı for visitors coming to Kösedağ. Ağrı is a province in Turkey known for its natural beauties, historical places and cultural heritage. Some of the places to visit in Ağrı are:

  • Mount Ararat: The highest mountain in Turkey, known for its biblical importance as the place where Noah’s Ark lay.
  • Ishak Pasha Palace: A 17th-century palace perched on a hill with unique Ottoman architecture and stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Ağrı Castle: It is a medieval castle that offers panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains.
  • Akdamar Island: An island in Lake Van that houses the 10th-century Akdamar Church and is a popular place for hiking and swimming.
  • Muradiye Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall located in a scenic forest, offering the opportunity for nature walks and picnics.
  • Nemrut Crater Lake: A fascinating volcanic crater lake surrounded by lush greenery and offering magnificent views of Mount Ararat.
  • Doğubeyazıt: A historical city located at the foot of Mount Ararat, known for its traditional bazaar and cultural heritage.

The Legend of Kösedag

The legend of Kösedağ tells a love story on the mountain. Once upon a time there were two young people who fell in love with each other. The name of one of the young people was Shepherd Ahmet. Shepherd Ahmet used to work as a shepherd in Kösedağ. The other young man was Mahmut Han’s daughter, Gülbahar. Shepherd Ahmet used to shepherd animals all day in Kösedağ. Mahmut Han did not consent to the love between Çoban Ahmet and Gülbahar. Mahmut Han did not allow his daughter to have a love affair with a shepherd because he was a rich gentleman. One day, Ahmet came to the window of his house to see Gülbahar. Then Mahmut Han’s servants saw Ahmet and tried to catch him. But Ahmet escaped and the servants could not catch Ahmet. Encouraged by this situation, Ahmet went to the window of his house to see Gülbahar again. This time, however, Mahmut Han’s servants caught Ahmet and put him in the dungeon of the house. Ahmet’s entry into the dungeon did not prevent his love affair with Gülbahar. Gülbahar secretly went to see Ahmet and brought Ahmet food. Gulbahar, who takes food a few more times, is caught by her father the next time she goes. Mahmut Han is very angry with his daughter and wants to punish him. For this reason, he throws his daughter in another dungeon of his house. Hearing this, the villagers riot. They go to Mahmut Han’s door so that the lovers can reunite. Then they save Gülbahar and Ahmet. Lovers also stay together forever.

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