Canik Mountains

Canik Mountains

Canik Mountains

Canik Mountains is one of the mountain ranges located on the east coast of Turkey. It stretches parallel to the coast at the back of the Eastern Black Sea Mountains. The mountain range is approximately 180 km long, starting from the province of Samsun in the Black Sea Region, to the province of Ordu. The mountain range starts from the Kızılırmak valley in the southwest of Samsun. It continues until the Melet River from the east of Ordu.

The height of the mountains varies from place to place. Its average altitude above sea level is 1500 meters. The two highest peaks in the mountain range are Blackberry Mountain and Aydogan Hill. The height of Blackberry Mountain is 1546 meters. The height of Aydoğan Hill is 1971 meters.

Canik Mountains are known for being covered with forests. At the same time, large streams run through the foothills of the mountain ranges. For this reason, there are plains with fertile soils fed by rivers in the lower parts of the mountains. The part of the plains is very suitable for agriculture. It is used as agricultural land by the local people.

The forest area is dominant in the region surrounding the Canik Mountains. There are moist forests on the north-facing slopes of the mountain range. Forests begin very close to the shore. There are dry forests on the slopes facing inland. The population of various plant species such as oak, beech and pine trees is high in this area. In addition to its plant population, it is rich in flora and fauna, with various animal species such as brown bears, wolves and wild boars. The Canik Mountains are also home to many endemic species such as the Canik frog and the Canik mountain viper.

The Canik Mountains are today a popular destination for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. The mountain range is easier to access as it has a relatively smaller altitude than the other mountains in the Black Sea. It is possible to go to the mountain as a day trip from the surrounding cities and to be interested in nature sports.

Besides its natural beauties, the Canik Mountains have a rich cultural heritage. The area has been inhabited since ancient times, and archaeological evidence suggests that the area was first inhabited during the Neolithic period. The Canik Mountains also played an important role in Turkish history by serving as a strategic location during various military campaigns and conflicts.

In summary, the Canik Mountains are a rugged and picturesque mountain range located in eastern Turkey, known for its diverse geology, rich flora and fauna, and cultural significance. Whether you’re a nature lover or simply want to explore a beautiful and unique corner of the world, the Canik Mountains have something to offer for everyone.

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