Mount Murat

Mount Murat

Mount Murat

Murat Mountain is one of the highest mountains located on the western side of Turkey. Mount Murat has many rivers and streams of water such as streams. At the same time, there are many hills and plateaus in the upper parts of the mountain. Since the mountain has harsh climatic conditions, it has snow on its summit and foothills for long periods of time during the year. For this reason, Murat Mountain is also a preferred spot for snow tourism and skiing. Those who come to the mountain for skiing can find ski facilities on the mountain.

Murat Mountain, also known as Dindymon, is a mountain of historical importance apart from its natural beauties. It was called “sacred” in some works by ancient writers. Youn can see Mount Murat Photos on Google Photos

Murat Mountain History

Murat Mountain is a historically important region. The Gediz region, where the mountain is located, was founded by the Phrygians under the name Kadoi between 1000-1700 BC. During this period, a temple was built on Murat Mountain in the name of Kybele. Kadoi has surrendered to different nations throughout history. Many nations such as Cimmerians, Lydia, Persia, Alexander the Great Empire, Pergamon Kingdom, Roman Empire, Byzantine State owned the region where Murat Mountain is located. This is because the mountain is considered sacred.

What is Murat Mountain Climate?

The mountain has all three climates experienced in Turkey. It has both a continental climate, a Mediterranean climate and a Black Sea climate. For this reason, the mountain creates a different vegetation. This vegetation also causes the formation of many endemic species.

Where is Murat Mountain?

Murat Mountain is located in the interior of Turkey’s Aegean region. You can see Mount Murat on Google Map

In which province is Murat Mountain?

Murat Mountain is located between the provinces of Kütahya and Uşak.

How High Is Murat Mountain?

Murat Mountain is the second highest mountain in the Aegean Region of Turkey after Honaz Mountain. The peak height of the mountain is 2312 meters. (Approximately 7585 ft.) The height of the plateau and hills on the mountain varies between 1500-2000 meters. There are hills such as Kartaltepe at an altitude of 2309 meters, Kırkpınar Hill at an altitude of 2218 meters, Tınaz Hill at an altitude of 2097 meters, Çatmalı Mezar Hill at an altitude of 1990 meters, and Kazık Batmaz Hill at an altitude of 1857 meters.

Which Streams Are Found on Murat Mountain?

Murat Mountain is a region rich in river resources. Streams passing through the mountain also make the lands in the mountains more productive. Banaz Stream, which passes through the south of the mountain, joins with the Büyük Menderes River. Murat Stream, located in the northwest of the mountain, merges with the Gediz River and the Aegean Sea. Kokar Stream, located in the northeast of the mountain, flows towards the Sakarya River and the Black Sea. Akar Stream in the east of the mountain joins with Eber Lake. There are streams on almost every corner of the mountain.

How to go to Murat Mountain?

There are different ways to reach Murat Mountain.

If there are visitors who want to come to the region by plane, they can use Zafer Airport in the Altıntaş district of Kütahya. Then they can come to Gediz district to approach the mountain. Then there are public transport vehicles departing in the direction of the ski resort on the mountain. With these vehicles, you can go to the foot of the mountain. Then you can reach the top of the mountain on foot.

If there are visitors who want to come to the region by road, they can first come to Kütahya city center by car rental, bus or personal vehicles. Then they can go to Gediz district. They can reach the summit of the mountain with a similar route from Gediz district.

Murat Mountain Outdoor Sports

Murat Mountain has a suitable structure for various nature sports. Since the mountain experiences a harsh winter climate, it receives plenty of precipitation. It also has some slope that the mountain has. For this reason, it is preferred by the surrounding provinces for skiing. It has even become popular for ski tourism. Murat Mountain Ski Facility was established on the mountain.

Apart from skiing, the mountain is also preferred for mountaineering activities. Mountaineers come to Murat Mountain for trekking and climbing, as it is another mountain with the highest altitude in the Aegean region.

The Legend of Murat Mountain

According to the legend, 7 alperen come from the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan. These 7 brothers are known as both scholars and warriors. All of these 7 brothers have areas where they are very good in their own way. The 7 sisters are scattered in different places in the region. One of the brothers was very heroic, valiant and brave. His name is Murat. Murat chose the mountain for his accommodation. After that day, the name of the mountain became Murat Mountain.

Places on Murat Mountain

Those who come to Murat Mountain can also visit different places near the mountain. Some of them:

Murat Mountain Ski Center: It has a wide ski track. It is preferred more than the surrounding cities. There are cable cars and facilities near the ski slope on the mountain.

Kütahya Tile Museum: In this museum, famous ceramics of the city such as traditional pottery, china and porcelain are exhibited.

Ulu Mosque: Also known as Ulu Mosque, this historical mosque dates from the Seljuk period and is an important example of Turkish architecture.

Kütahya Castle: This medieval castle is located on a hill overlooking the city and offers panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Emet Stream: Surrounded by greenery, this beautiful stream is a popular spot for picnics and relaxation.

İscehisar Nature Park: This protected area is home to a variety of wildlife, including rare bird species, and is a great place for hiking and nature walks.

Beykoz Hot Springs: Located on the outskirts of the city, these hot springs are known for their therapeutic properties and are a popular place to relax and rejuvenate. It is a must-visit place for those who come to the mountain. It has been proven that water, which is believed to be healing, is good for many diseases. It is one of the important tourism elements in the region.

Kütahya Ethnography Museum: This museum exhibits the traditional way of life and culture of the people of Kütahya, from their customs, traditions, crafts and clothing.

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