Güzeller Summit: Taurus Mountains Aladaglar

Güzeller Summit: Taurus Mountains Aladaglar

Güzeller Summit: Taurus Mountains Aladaglar

Aladaglar Güzeller Summit: Completed Climbing Activity on August 12-13, 2023

In accordance with our annual mountaineering activity plan for 2023, our climbing expedition to Aladaglar Güzeller Mountain (3461 m) in Niğde, Turkey, took place on August 12-13, 2023.

On the evening of August 11, 2023, at 19:00, we embarked on our journey from İzmir, reaching the village of Çukurbağ in Niğde-Çamardı in the morning hours of August 12, 2023. After having breakfast and completing our supplies, we departed for Emli Valley at 12:00. Following a leisurely hike, we established our campsite in the Sulağan Keler (Vali Konağı) area at around 16:00, where we relaxed and engaged in some conversations.

At 04:00 on August 13, 2023, we commenced our ascent towards the summit. For the climb, we followed the classic western route. Since there was no snow on the route due to the season, the scree starting at around 2900 meters slowed our pace slightly. With no rush, we continued our hike, enjoying the journey. There are two critical passes at approximately 3170 meters, which experienced climbers can easily navigate. Due to the narrowness of the pass, it’s important to be cautious of falling rocks. It’s essential to wear a helmet and avoid overcrowding on the route. We encountered no issues as we were a group of three. After crossing Güzeller West Pass, we continued ascending on a rocky path with scree for about 70-100 meters. If large groups enter this area, rockfall could pose a risk. We enjoyed a pleasant walk from 3250 meters to 3461 meters.

We reached the summit at around 10:00. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, we enjoyed approximately two hours of summit time. We began our descent at around 12:00. Upon reaching the western pass during the descent of Güzeller, we used two pitons available on the route to rappel. A 60-meter rope proved sufficient for the two critical passages. We continued our descent at a slow pace, savoring the scenery and the beauty of Aladaglar, and returned to our campsite. Around 16:00, we packed up our camp and headed back to Emli Valley, followed by Çukurbağ village. After dinner, we set off for İzmir.


  • Cengiz Erdener
  • Kadir Ayanoğlu
  • Melek Gül

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