Tunç Fındık’s Oxygen-Free Ascent of Everest

Tunç Fındık's Oxygen-Free Ascent of Everest

Tunç Fındık’s Oxygen-Free Ascent of Everest

A Remarkable Feat in Mountaineering History

Renowned Turkish mountaineer Tunç Fındık, who successfully completed the “14×8000” project, previously accomplished by only 49 people worldwide, is now set to summit Mount Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen.
Turkish mountaineer Tunç Fındık, after completing the 14×8000 project in 2023, returns to Nepal for another extraordinary feat!
Embarking on his Everest expedition with the sponsorship of ACTECON, Tunç Fındık arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal on April 2, 2024. Following training climbs above 5000 meters in the Everest-Gokyo region, he ascended the 6189-meter Îsland Peak and the 6856-meter Amadablam to acclimatize. From late April, he will head to the Everest base camp via the standard Nepal route. This marks Tunç Fındık’s third Everest ascent after the 2001 Nepal and 2007 Tibet routes.
Departing from Istanbul to Nepal on April 1, 2024, national climber Tunç Fındık will ascend a 6189-meter peak from April 4 to 20 as part of the high-altitude acclimatization program.
The famous climber is scheduled to begin his ascent of Everest on April 20, 2024, with plans to reach the summit between May 23 and 29.

Who is Tunç Fındık?

Tunç Fındık is a professional mountaineer, guide, author, and motivational speaker. Born in Ankara in 1972, he graduated from Bilkent University’s Department of English Language and Literature. Tunç Fındık serves in the Turkish Mountaineering Federation, is a local (Turkey) athlete for THE NORTH FACE, and a member of the GRIVEL climbing team and TOTEMCAM athlete team.
Tunç Fındık's Oxygen-Free Ascent of Everest
Tunç Fındık’s Oxygen-Free Ascent of Everest
He is the author of ten original books, notably “Climbing – Freedom of Summits,” and has translated five climbing-related books from English to Turkish. There are also ten original books by Turnç Fındık: ’50 routes in the Aladağlar’ about Toros-Aladağlar, ’50 Climbing Routes In The Aladag Range’, which is the English version of this book, and ‘Aladağlar Mountaineering and Climbing Guide’, which is a comprehensive guide to the Aladağlar range. ‘, ‘Kaçkar-Verçenik Climbing Guide’ for the Eastern Black Sea-Kaçkar Mountains and ‘Journey to the Throne of the Gods, the Story of My Everest Climb’, ’80 days in Karakorum’, ‘Winter Mountaineering – Techniques and Tactics’, ‘Altitude 8000-High He is the author of the books ‘Adventure’, ‘K2-Mountain of Mountains’ and ‘Altitude 8000’.
Tunç Fındık has climbed over 1000 peaks in Turkey and abroad, pioneering hundreds of new routes and first winter ascents in the central and western Taurus Mountains. He has explored numerous short traditional climbing routes and discovered many frozen waterfall routes in Turkey’s climbing areas. Internationally, he has climbed in Nepal, Tibet/China, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, France, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Iran, Georgia, Argentina, Tanzania, Kenya, the Russian Federation, and Scotland.
Wishing Tunç Fındık success and looking forward to hearing his inspiring news. May luck and strength be with him.

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