The Base of Mount Ararat Did Not Receive Snow Despite It Being Winter

Mount Ararat Snow

The Base of Mount Ararat Did Not Receive Snow Despite It Being Winter

Date : 22.01.2024

Despite it being January, snow did not fall on the slopes of Mount Ararat, Turkey’s highest mountain. Although there is snow in the higher regions of the mountain, there is no snow on its slopes.

Mount Ararat is a prominent mountain located in the eastern part of Turkey, within the Eastern Anatolia Region, near the country’s eastern borders. This mountain, known for its significant elevation, rises northeast of Lake Van. Mount Ararat hosts Turkey’s highest peak, the Ararat Summit, reaching an elevation of 5,137 meters. The summit is also traditionally associated with the biblical narrative of Noah’s Ark, believed by some to be the resting place of the ark after the waters receded. Mount Ararat’s majestic snow-covered peaks and natural beauty contribute to its importance in mountaineering and nature tourism, making it a notable symbol of the region’s cultural and geographical richness.

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Mount Ararat Weather

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