Mount Y Garn

Mount Y Garn

Mount Y Garn

Mount Y Garn reaches a summit elevation of 947 meters and is one of the most renowned mountains in Snowdonia. It is part of the Glyderau mountain range, which boasts stunning views and landscapes.

Where does the name Mount Y Garn come from? What does it mean?

“Y Garn” is a Welsh term that translates to “The Cairn” in English. “Y” is the definite article equivalent to “the” in English, and “Garn” means “cairn.” A cairn refers to a pile of stones or a mound of rocks that is typically used as a marker or a memorial in mountainous or barren areas. Therefore, “Y Garn” can be understood as “The Cairn” in English. In the context of the mountain named Y Garn in Snowdonia, it is likely named after a prominent cairn or rock formation found on or near the mountain.

How to get to Mount Y Garn ?

Start by locating the nearest town or village in Snowdonia, Wales. Popular starting points include Bethesda, Llanberis, or Betws-y-Coed.
From the town or village, find your way to the A5 road, which runs through Snowdonia.
Follow the A5 road until you reach Ogwen Cottage, located in the Ogwen Valley. This is a popular starting point for hikes to Mount Y Garn Fawr.
There are a few different routes you can take to reach the summit of Y Garn Fawr. One popular route is to start from Ogwen Cottage and follow the path that leads up towards the Devil’s Kitchen.
As you ascend, you will pass Llyn Idwal, a beautiful glacial lake. Continue following the trail, which will take you along the slopes of Y Garn Fawr.

Information on climbing Y Garn Mountain

Route Options: There are multiple routes to climb Y Garn, offering different levels of difficulty and scenery. One common route starts from Ogwen Cottage in the Ogwen Valley. From there, you can follow the path that leads towards Llyn Idwal and then ascend along the east ridge of Y Garn. Another option is to start from Nant Peris near Llanberis and climb up the western slopes of Y Garn.
Distance and Duration: The distance and duration of the climb will depend on the route you choose and your hiking pace. On average, the climb can take around 4-6 hours for a round trip, covering a distance of approximately 10-12 kilometers. However, these times can vary based on your fitness level and the specific conditions on the day of your climb.

What activities can be done on Y Garn Mountain?

Hiking and Scrambling: Y Garn Mountain provides opportunities for hiking and scrambling. There are several routes that cater to different levels of difficulty, allowing you to explore the mountain’s diverse terrain and enjoy stunning views along the way. The east ridge and Devil’s Kitchen routes are popular options for hikers and scramblers.
Mountain Climbing: Y Garn Mountain presents a challenge for rock climbers. The mountain features crags and cliffs that offer opportunities for climbers to test their skills and tackle vertical ascents. It is important to have proper climbing gear and experience before attempting any climbing routes on Y Garn.
Wildlife and Nature Observation: Y Garn Mountain is home to a variety of flora and fauna. As you hike or explore the mountain, keep an eye out for wildlife such as mountain birds, including ravens and peregrine falcons, as well as smaller species like ptarmigans. The rugged landscape and surrounding valleys also offer picturesque scenery for nature photography.

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