Mount Makalu

mount makalu

Mount Makalu

Makalu, which is 8481 above sea level, is also 19 kilometers from Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Only 5 of the first 16 climbing attempts to Mount Makalu, which has a very difficult climbing track, were successful.

Mount Makalu is located within the Makalu-Barun National Park and Preserve. The park stands out for its extraordinary plant diversity.

Climbing Mount Macula

The first attempt to climb Mount Makalu was made in the spring of 1954 by an American team led by William Siri. However, the team failed to reach the top of the mountain. In 1955, a standard route was created with a new climb made by a French team, and today it has become possible to reach the summit of Mount Makalu.

Summits at Makalu Mountain

Makalu Mountain has two different side peaks and these peaks are mostly preferred for climbing. The first of these is Kangchungts, which is located at an altitude of 7678 meters and is located three kilometers from the main peak. The other peak is called Chomo Lonzo. The height of Chomo Lonzo, which is five kilometers from the main peak, is 7804 meters. The main peak forms the border between Nepal and Tibet.

Where is the Mount Makalu

Located within the borders of Tibet, China, Mount Makalu has the title of the 5th highest mountain in the world and is located between Nepal and the Chinese border.

How and When to Climb Mount Makalu

Mount Makalu, known as the fifth highest mountain in the world with its height of 8471 meters, allows climbing only in certain periods of the year, as in other high mountains.

The best time for climbing, which is determined according to seasonal conditions and carried out twice a year, is the pre-monsoon period in April and May and the post-monsoon period in September and October.

Mount Makalu; With its steep climbs, open mountain ridges and pyramid-shaped summit, it is considered as one of the most difficult 8000-meter summit climbs in terms of rock climbing. With a standard route created in 1955, the difficulty level of the climbs has been reduced.

The ascent to Mount Makalu consists of roughly three parts. The first step is taken with easy glacier climbing on the lower slopes. Afterwards, the French Couloir section is accessed by snow and ice climbing, which is quite steep in the Makalu-La region. The last part, the French Couloir, also has very steep snow slopes and a steep rock climb is made to reach the summit after the snow.

It takes an average of 45 days to reach the top of the mountain. Together with the landing, this adventure covers a period of approximately 55 days.

You can see Makalu on Google Maps and Photos

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