Mount Gasherbrum I

Mount Gasherbrum-I

Mount Gasherbrum I

Mount Gasherbrum I lies between China and Pakistan. With a height of 8080 meters, it is the 11th highest mountain in the world. It is also known as K5 since it is the 5th highest peak among the mountains in the Karakoram region. Gasherbrum means “Beautiful Mountain”. The mountain was referred to as “Hidden Peak” by William Martin Conway in 1892.

The first ascent of Mount Gasherbrum I was made by Pete Schoening and Andy Kauffman on July 5, 1958.

The first attempt to climb Mount Gasherbrum I was made in 1934 by an international expedition organized by the Swiss Günter Oskar Dyhrenfurth. However, 2 climbers were able to reach 6,300 meters.

In a French expedition in 1936, it was only possible to climb up to 6,900 meters.

The first ascent of Gasherbrum I was made in 1958 by 2 climbers, Peter Kittlesby Schoening and Andy Kauffman, from a US expedition.

Another feature of Gasherbrum I is that it is the first 8,000-high mountain to be climbed in alpine style. Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler reached the summit of Gasherbrum I on August 8, 1975, without tents, without oxygen cylinders, without fixed ropes, with only their personal mountaineering equipment, surprising the whole world and changed the course of mountaineering.

Peak metre Coordinates Protrusion(m)
Gaşerbrum I 8,080 35°43′27″K 76°41′48″D 2,155
Broad Peak 8,047 35°48′35″K 76°34′06″D 1,701
Gaşerbrum II 8,035 35°45′27″K 76°39′15″D 1,523
Gaşerbrum III 7,952 35°45′34″K 76°38′31″D 355
Gaşerbrum IV 7,925 35°45′39″K 76°37′00″D 725
Gaşerbrum V 7,147 35°43′45″K 76°36′48″D 654
Gaşerbrum VI 6,979 35°42′30″K 76°37′54″D 520

Climbing Gasherbrum I

In addition to having a challenging climbing route, Mount Gasherbrum I is known for its low oxygen levels, avalanche danger, and other natural hazards. The summit is part of a ridge line consisting of three main peaks and is often visited by climbers who are also climbing other Gasherbrum peaks.

Due to the difficulty of the climbing route, Mount Gasherbrum I is suitable for experienced and well-prepared climbers. However, it is also a challenging climb that can result in fatal consequences due to natural hazards. Nevertheless, the region’s scenery and surrounding cultural features serve as an interesting tourist attraction for nature lovers and adventurers.

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