Mount Annapurna

Mount Annapurna

Mount Annapurna

The 10th highest mountain in the world. A rocky ice-covered pyramid. Mount Annapurna does not give an easy passage to even the most experienced mountaineers. Notorious notoriety. A flat cloud cap hangs on its summit, almost always created by a strong wind. The avalanche growls never cease. The air is harsh and electrically charged. Looking at the surroundings from the 8,911-meter peak of Annapurna, only a cloud and mountain world is visible. Nilgiri and Tilicho mountains rise in the background.

How to get to Annapurna Mountain ?

Pokhara is Nepal’s third largest city. It is located 200 kilometers west of the country’s capital, Kathmandu. Mount Annapurna is 50km from Pokhara city. Pokhara is one of the country’s biggest tourist destinations. It is one of the most expensive cities in the country due to its roads to the Himalayas and home to British Gurkha soldiers. You can reach Pokhara by plane. If there is no direct flight, you can reach Kathmandu by connecting flight.

Nepal’s Famous Trekking Region: Annapurna

Annapurna; It is a massive group of the Himalayas, located in North Central Nepal, at an altitude of 8091 meters. Massive group because Annapurna also includes 13 7,000-meter and 16 6,000-meter mountain groups. Annapurna’s name means ANGRY GODDESS OF THE HARVEST. In Hinduism, Annapurna is considered the goddess of fertility and agriculture.

The fact that it is one of the deadliest 8,000-high mountains in the world or that it takes place in the toughest league with giants such as K2, Dhaulagiri and Kanchenjunga is more of interest to mountain athletes.

History of Climbing Mount Annapurna

The highest point of the Annapurna range in the Himalayan Mountains, Annapurna 1 is a legendary mountain in every way. The tenth highest peak in the world; exactly 8 thousand 91 meters. It does not allow easy climbing from anywhere. Extremely icy. All climbing routes, without exception, have great avalanche risk. Since 1950, when the first ascent to the summit was achieved, 72 of the 266 people who reached the summit took their lives. One out of every three people who saw the summit died due to avalanche or height. Despite this, Annapurna went down in history as “the first 8,000 people to go out”. At the beginning of the “age of conquest” of these high mountains, a strong French team led by Maurice Herzog made his mark on Annapurna, four years before the Everest ascent was accomplished.

Hiking in Annapurna

If you want to travel to Annapurna, consider at least 10 days. Amid countless beauties, Annapurna trekking paths, lush green valleys, rice fields, huge rocks, waterfalls, rivers, Buddhist and Tibetan villages, Hindu temples and majestic Himalayan peaks, your time will pass to the fullest. As you can draw your own route, you can also participate in group tours organized here. The tours, which start from Besi Sahar with the departure from Pokhara, twist like a snake.

In Annapurna, as in other 8,000 units, it is often not possible to go up and down the high camps many times, again due to the avalanche risk. 5,500 meters is just the base camp altitude on many 8,000-high mountains. In Annapurna, this will be the highest camp for the summit.

There Are Many Things To Do In The Annapurna Massif. Click and See

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