Salcantay Mountain: A Detailed Overview

Salcantay Incas

Salcantay Mountain: A Detailed Overview

Salkantay Mountain, located in the Vilcabamba range of the Andes, is the second highest mountain in Peru at 6,271 meters. It is a popular destination for the challenging Salkantay Trek, a 5-7 day hike that culminates at Machu Picchu. The trek offers stunning views and a sense of accomplishment that is hard to beat.

What is Salkantay Mountain?

Salkantay Mountain is a snow-capped mountain located in the Vilcabamba mountain range of the Andes in Peru. It is the second highest mountain in Peru, after Huascarán, with an elevation of 6,271 meters (20,574 feet).

What is the Salkantay Trek?

The Salkantay Trek is a 5-7 day hike that takes you through the Vilcabamba mountain range, past Salkantay Mountain, and to Machu Picchu. It is considered one of the most challenging treks in Peru, but also one of the most rewarding.

How difficult is the Salkantay Trek?

The Salkantay Trek is a challenging hike, due to the high altitude and the distance covered. The highest point on the trek is the Salkantay Pass, which is located at an altitude of 4,600 meters (15,092 feet).

What is the best time to do the Salkantay Trek?

The best time to do the Salkantay Trek is during the dry season, which is from May to September. During this time, the weather is generally sunny and dry, with little rain.

How much does the Salkantay Trek cost?

The cost of the Salkantay Trek varies depending on the tour operator you choose and the length of the trek. Generally, you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 USD for a 5-7 day trek.

Do I need a guide for the Salkantay Trek?

It is not required to have a guide for the Salkantay Trek, but it is highly recommended. A guide can help you with the logistics of the trek, such as finding food and water, and they can also provide you with information about the area.

What are the risks of the Salkantay Trek?

The main risks of the Salkantay Trek are altitude sickness and injuries. Altitude sickness can be a serious problem, and it is important to take precautions to avoid it. Injuries can also occur, so it is important to be careful and to hike within your limits.

What is Discovery of Salkantay Mountain?

Salkantay Mountain was first discovered by Europeans in 1902 by Hiram Bingham.
Bingham climbed the mountain while on his way to Machu Picchu.
The first ascent of Salkantay Mountain was made in 1952 by a French-American mountaineering team.

What is Historical Importance of Salkantay Mountain?

The Incas considered Salkantay Mountain a sacred mountain and called it “Apus Salkantay.”
Climbing to the top of the mountain was an important religious ceremony for the Incas.
The Incas built many temples and sacred sites on the slopes of Salkantay Mountain. The most famous of these temples is “El Templo del Sol” (The Temple of the Sun) located in Soraypampa.
Salkantay Mountain was an important source of water for the Incas. The glaciers located on the slopes of the mountain provided water for the city of Cusco and its surroundings.

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