Mount Ben Macdui

Mount Ben Macdui

Mount Ben Macdui

Mount Ben Macdui is one of Scotland’s highest mountains. It is located in Cairngorms National Park and at 1,309 meters (4,295 feet) is Scotland’s second highest mountain. It is also a popular place for mountaineering and hiking lovers. From its summit, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful landscapes around it. However, high winds and sudden weather changes also carry some risks that mountaineers should be aware of.

Where does the name Mount Ben Macdui come from? What does it mean?

The name of the mountain is known as “Mac Dhuibh” in Scottish Gaelic, meaning “dark son”.

The mountain is historically a place full of secrets and is associated with some stories in local legends. One is the belief that Ben Macdui is home to beings such as “Bigfoot” or “Yeti”, which are mysterious creatures.

How to get to Mount Macdui ?

Ben Macdui is located in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park and is close to the city of Aviemore.

Aviemore is a town in northern Scotland located in the Cairngorms National Park and is accessible from major cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Getting to Aviemore from Glasgow or Edinburgh is fairly easy by train. There are direct trains from Glasgow to Aviemore and take approximately 3 hours. It is also possible to reach Aviemore from Edinburgh by train, but it may be necessary to transfer several times.

Those wishing to travel to Aviemore by car can rent a car from Glasgow or Edinburgh. The journey takes about 2-3 hours and is easily accessible by the A9 motorway.

There are also bus services to Aviemore. Those wishing to travel by bus from Glasgow or Edinburgh to Aviemore can check out the schedules of many bus companies such as Scottish Citylink.

Finally, as Inverness Airport is close to Aviemore, it is also possible to travel to Aviemore by plane. There are flights to Inverness Airport from other cities in Scotland or other European countries. It is possible to reach Aviemore from the airport by train or taxi.

You can see Ben Macdui on Googla Maps

Climbing Ben Macdui

Ben Macdui is the second highest mountain in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park and climbing this mountain is a very popular activity. There are several different routes to climb Ben Macdui.

The most popular route is to climb Cairn Gorm Mountain through the Rothiemurchus Forest and continue from there to Ben Macdui. This route is approximately 15 km long and of moderate difficulty. Along the route, you will pass through high slopes that drive up to the top of the mountain. There may also be some dangerous areas along the route, so it’s important to be an experienced mountaineer and have the right gear.

Another route to Ben Macdui is to climb from Braemar. This route can be a longer and more challenging route, about 25 km long. Along the route, you will pass through challenging places such as the high slopes and cliffs of the mountain.

Both routes are challenging, so it’s important to be prepared before climbing Ben Macdui. A good level of fitness, warm clothing, good shoes, enough water and food, climbing equipment such as maps and compass are essential. It is also important to be prepared for the weather conditions, especially during the winter months there can be snow and ice on the mountain.

What Can You Do in Ben Macdui Mountain?

There are natural beauties and tourist attractions around the mountain. Attractions around Ben Macdui may include:

Cairn Gorm Mountain: Cairn Gorm Mountain is another mountain near Ben Macdui and is the highest mountain in this region. Cairn Gorm Mountain is a popular destination for many activities such as tourist activities, mountain biking, climbing and hiking.

Loch Morlich: Loch Morlich is a beautiful lake in the Cairngorms National Park and is one of the places to visit around Ben Macdui. Loch Morlich is an ideal place for hiking routes, picnic areas and water sports such as canoeing and swimming in the surrounding area.

Glenmore Forest: Glenmore Forest is a woodland surrounding Ben Macdui and is an ideal place to explore natural beauty. You can take a walk in the forest, have a picnic, go bird watching or take a bike ride in the forest.

Balmoral Castle: Balmoral Castle is the summer residence of the Scottish Royal Family and is located near Ben Macdui. The gardens, exhibitions and historical rooms of the royal mansion can be visited.

Speyside Cooperage: Speyside Cooperage is one of Scotland’s largest producers of wine barrels and is located in the town of Craigellachie, near Ben Macdui. You can observe the keg making process by taking a tour of the factory.

Places to visit around Ben Macdui are ideal places to explore the natural beauty and experience Scottish culture.

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