Mercedario Mountain: The Magnificent Peak of the Andes

Mercedario Mountain

Mercedario Mountain: The Magnificent Peak of the Andes

Soaring majestically at an altitude of 6,770 meters, Mercedario Mountain stands as the highest peak in the Cordillera de la Ramada range of the Andes. Located 100 kilometers north of Aconcagua, this enigmatic mountain beckons mountaineers and adventure seekers with its captivating beauty.

Where is Mercedario Mountain located?

Mercedario Mountain is located in the San Juan Province of Argentina, 100 kilometers north of Aconcagua. It is the highest peak in the Cordillera de la Ramada mountain range of the Andes.

How high is Mercedario Mountain?

Mercedario Mountain is 6,770 meters high, making it the eighth highest mountain in the Andes.

When was the first ascent of Mercedario Mountain?

The first ascent of Mercedario Mountain was made on January 18, 1934, by Argentinian climbers Adam Gadomski, Stefan Osiecki, and Jan Alfred Szczepański.


What is the geological composition of Mercedario Mountain?

Mercedario Mountain is a mountain composed of granite and volcanic rocks.

What is the glacier and snow cover of Mercedario Mountain?

The slopes of the mountain are covered with glaciers and snow.

What are the water sources of Mercedario Mountain?

There are many rivers and streams at the foot of Mercedario Mountain.

Climbing Routes and Difficulties

Is Mercedario Mountain difficult to climb?

Yes, Mercedario Mountain is a difficult climb. The mountain presents many challenges, including high altitude, technical climbing routes, and avalanche risk. Climbing Mercedario Mountain without experience and proper equipment is dangerous.

What are the climbing routes for Mercedario Mountain?

The most popular route for climbing Mercedario Mountain is the one that goes through the northwest ridge. This route takes about 5 days and requires technical climbing skills. Other routes include those that go through the south face and the southeast ridge.

What kind of climate prevails on Mercedario Mountain?

High altitude prevails on Mercedario Mountain. Therefore the weather is cold and dry. Weather conditions can change suddenly and storms can occur.

When is the best time to climb Mercedario Mountain?

The best time to climb Mercedario Mountain is between December and March. During this period, the weather conditions are more favorable and there is less snowfall.

Permits and Required Documents

Do I need a permit to climb Mercedario Mountain?

Yes, you need a permit from the National Parks Administration of Argentina to climb Mercedario Mountain.

What documents do I need to climb Mercedario Mountain?

The documents required to obtain a permit are:

Visa (if required)
Mountaineering insurance
Medical report

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