Großes Wiesbachhorn: Austria’s Fourth Tallest Mountain

Großes Wiesbach Horn: The 4th largest mountain in Austria

Großes Wiesbachhorn: Austria’s Fourth Tallest Mountain

Großes Wiesbachhorn is a mountain peak located in the Hohe Tauern Range of Austria, reaching an elevation of 3,564 meters. It ranks as the fourth-highest summit in Austria. The Hohe Tauern Range is part of the larger Alps mountain system, renowned for its natural beauty, mountainous landscapes, and rich biodiversity. “Großes Wiesbachhorn: Austria’s Fourth Tallest Mountain” is a popular destination for mountaineering and nature enthusiasts, offering a challenging ascent for those with mountaineering experience.

Where is Mount Großes Wiesbachhorn?

Mount Großes Wiesbachhorn is located in the Hohe Tauern mountain range in Austria. Specifically, it is situated within the Austrian state of Salzburg. The Hohe Tauern range is part of the larger Alps mountain system, and Großes Wiesbachhorn is recognized as the fourth-highest peak in Austria.

How to Go to Großes Wiesbachhorn?

Priorities: Reach Salzburg, Austria. You can use public transport or go to the towns closest to the Hohe Tauern National Park, Kaprun or Heiligenblut, where the Großes Wiesbachhorn is located.

How Many Meters is The Height of Großes Wiesbachhorn?

The elevation of Großes Wiesbachhorn is 3,564 meters (11,692 feet) above sea level.

When is the Climb to Mount Großes Wiesbachhorn?

The best time to climb Mount Großes Wiesbachhorn is typically during the summer months, from late June to early September. During this period, the weather conditions are more favorable, with milder temperatures and reduced risk of snow and ice.
What to do on this mount?

Mountain Climbing: Großes Wiesbachhorn is a popular destination for mountaineers and climbers. The ascent typically involves challenging routes, and climbers need to be experienced and well-equipped.

Hiking and Trekking: If you prefer a less technical adventure, you can explore the surrounding areas through hiking and trekking trails. The region offers stunning alpine landscapes, glaciers, and panoramic views.

Photography: The mountain and its surroundings provide excellent opportunities for photography. Capture the breathtaking scenery, unique rock formations, and the play of light on the landscape.

Wildlife Observation: The alpine environment is home to various wildlife adapted to high altitudes. Keep an eye out for mountain goats, marmots, and other alpine species.

Glacier Exploration: Given the proximity to the Pasterze Glacier, you may have the opportunity to explore glacial features. However, ensure you have the necessary equipment and knowledge for glacier travel.

Camping: Some areas around Großes Wiesbachhorn may be suitable for camping. Check local regulations and obtain any necessary permits before camping in the region.

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