Akaishi Mountains: Nature’s Marvel in Japan

Akaishi Mountains

Akaishi Mountains: Nature’s Marvel in Japan

The Akaishi Mountains, an impressive mountain range, grace the captivating landscape of Japan. Situated in the central and southern regions of Honshu, these mountains are also known as the Southern Alps. The region stands out with its highest peak, Kitadake, soaring up to 3,193 meters, making it one of Japan’s tallest summits. Alongside other significant peaks like Aino-dake and Notori-dake, Akaishi Mountains offer unique trekking routes amidst breathtaking natural beauty. This area of the Japanese Alps provides a distinctive experience for both local mountain enthusiasts and international visitors. Akaishi Mountains hold a significant place within Japan’s rich natural heritage.

Where is Mount Akaishi?

Mount Akaishi is a mountain located in the Southern Japanese Alps on the border of Shizuoka and Nagano Prefectures in Japan. It is part of the Akaishi Mountain Range, also known as the Southern Alps (Minami Alps). The name “Akaishi” can be translated to “Red Stone,” and the mountain is known for its stunning alpine scenery and challenging hiking trails.

How to Go to Mount Akaishi ?

Choose Your Base City:

The Southern Japanese Alps, where Mount Akaishi is located, can be accessed from cities like Tokyo or Nagoya. Shizuoka and Nagano are the nearest prefectures.

Travel to the Nearest City:

If you’re coming from Tokyo or Nagoya, you can use trains or buses to reach Shizuoka or Nagano.

Shizuoka Access:

If you’re heading to the Shizuoka side of Mount Akaishi, you can take a train to Shizuoka City and then proceed to the trailheads in the southern part of the prefecture.

Nagano Access:

For the Nagano side, take a train to Nagano City and then proceed to the trailheads in the northern part of the prefecture.

Local Transportation:

From the city you choose as your base, you may need to use local transportation like buses or taxis to reach the specific trailhead for Mount Akaishi.

Hiking Trails:

Mount Akaishi has various trails leading to its summit. Common trailheads include Nishizawa Keikoku (Nishizawa Valley) on the Shizuoka side and Hirogawara on the Nagano side.
Check Local Information:
Before starting your journey, check current trail conditions, weather forecasts, and any necessary permits. Local information centers, park offices, or online resources can provide details.


Consider staying in local accommodations near the trailhead or in nearby towns. This can make it easier to start your hike early in the morning.

How Many Meters is The Height of Akaishi ?

Mount Akaishi, also known as Mount Kiso Komagatake, has an elevation of 2,899 meters (9,511 feet) above sea level. Keep in mind that elevation measurements can vary slightly depending on the source, but this figure is widely accepted for Mount Akaishi’s height.

What to do on this Mount Akaishi?

Hiking and Trekking:

Mount Akaishi provides various hiking trails, offering different levels of difficulty. Hiking enthusiasts can explore the scenic landscapes, alpine meadows, and forests while making their way to the summit.

Scenic Views and Photography:

The mountain offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Photographers can capture the beauty of the Southern Japanese Alps, including valleys, ridges, and other natural features.


Some areas around Mount Akaishi may have designated camping spots. Camping enthusiasts can enjoy a night under the stars in the serene mountain environment.

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